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  1. J

    Prestige Shop: unlock gear question

    If I choose the unlock gear option can I choose equipment instead of a gun? I want to carry over the portable radar equipment.
  2. J

    MNR: I got 1 week ban from PSN for Osama Bin Laden mod

    yup it's true! was in a creative mood last week and after making numerous mods and carts like HE-MAN mod, Garda Siochana (Irish Police) mod and cart plus loads of my own creations I decided to search for a few ideas, saw some GW Bush and Barack Obama mods, typed in Osama Bin Laden and got...
  3. J

    Facebook not working on PS3

    I can't access FB on my PS3, when I enter my password it just refreshes the page yet there's no problem when using my computer. Anyone else have this problem or know what's wrong?
  4. J

    Hustle Kings free DLC....Where?

    I've downloaded the free DLC from the PS Store but can't find it in the game, anyone know what I have to do to play it? thanks
  5. J

    Audio cutting out in GoW3

    got the game today and am 20 min into the game, the audio cuts out for a second roughly every 4 seconds. it started just before the 1st save point and when I went to quit the game, the PS3 froze so had to manually eject. So is this a faulty disc or related to the PS3? gonna power down and load...
  6. J

    6 fears 7 title

    I thought to get this title you have to use killstreaks 7,8,9 and earn them? I just did that and didn't get the title, could it be because I had the Hardline perk on?
  7. J

    Is PSN down for anyone else?

    I cant sign in to PSN, the internet is working fine, anyone else have this problem? I'm in Ireland by the way.
  8. J

    Tactical Gaming - Killzone Division - Recruiting!

    Tactical Gaming has 1000+ members and is a highly organised clan. We are looking for new members for The U.S. Batallion and you'll get the opportunity to lead your own squad. Hope to hear from you! Jules909 Commanding Officer 2nd Batallion Killzone Division No advertising other websites...
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    FAMAS or M16?

    I recently started using the FAMAS and am really enjoying it, it's great for mid - long range battles but not so good in close quarters, I use it on some of the larger maps. It's accuracy is amazing and you can take out snipers with 1 pull of the trigger (I use stopping power with it). I'm...
  10. J

    Questions about titles and emblems...

    When trying to complete challenges for titles like eg...Bounty Hunter: Steal 50 enemy crates, do I have to complete this before prestiging again or can I prestige and it will still add to it? Do some emblems have their own challenges or do thet just go hand in hand with completing challenges...
  11. J

    A few questions

    Q1. If for example I get a Harrier Strike but die before I use it, when I respawn and use it will it start adding to my killstreak? Q2. Do grenade launcher headshots count towards my headshot challenges? Q3. Do grenade launcher kills count towards kills for weapon challenges? Q4. Does...
  12. J

    Amazing Killcams

    I really enjoy watching those knife kill compilations in the other thread, anyone got any killcams or videos of epic kills, lucky kills etc...? Stick em in this thread if you do... (my mac G4 is so old, it refuses to get "down" with youtube)
  13. J

    Tactical Warfare - Killzone Division - Recruiting!

    I'm part of the clan Tactical Warfare and we are looking for more members for our Killzone Division. We have members from all over the world. We have practices twice a week and play tournaments too. We have a really good website and forum too, search us out if you are interested.
  14. J

    4 bar score

    I just played 2 games of domination and got top score in both and for once had a full 4 bar connection...coincidence?? I usually place in the top half whether playing DM or domination as I always go for the flags and sometimes come first but rarely. In the 2 games I played I had 22 and 23...
  15. J

    Changing Camouflage

    What's the story with camo? I have the official game guide and in it it says: "Before you start a match, you should review your camouflage options. You can select several different options for each type of team. Make sure you choose the best camo for each maps enviorment. Sometimes it...
  16. J

    Road Rash / Desert Strike

    I noticed there's a bundle for PSP only on the PS Store that includes classics like Road Rash, Desert Strike, Jungle Strike etc... I would LOVE if this was availeable for PS3, any chance of it that happening? Imagine playing Road Rash multiplayer!!!
  17. J

    The perfect FPS....Killzone Warfare 3

    My first experience with online gaming was Killzone 2 and I've been playing it practically every day since. I had COD4 but not online but got MW2 and am enjoying it more than I expected. It seems what one game lacks in, the other excels in. Personally, I prefer the whole KZ vibe, futuristic...
  18. J

    Dedicated servers?

    I don't know too much about all this IT stuff but I take it dedicated servers would eliminate lag for all players...correct? My question is, if MW2 has already raked in roughly half a billion in sales, what's the problem, why not get them in to keep all there customers happy? Is it up to...
  19. J

    Cold Blooded

    It says that the Cold Blooded perk ability is: Undetectable by UAV , Air , Sentries, and Thermal I unlocked this perk a while ago, is it always on? Will I never appear on the map when an enemy sets off a UAV?
  20. J

    What Primary Weapon are you currently using?

    Im new to COD online, I've only been online gaming since KZ2 but am really enjoying MW2, more than I thought. I'm currently switching between 2 custom classes, Assault with SCAR-H + GL + red dot scope and SMG with P90 + rapid fire What is your current setup?