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    HDR Monitors

    With 4K taking off and HDR quickly approaching with the support from PS4, Xbox One, Netflix, Amazon and more I wanted to take a look at whats on offer from PC Monitor scene. The Basics of what HDR is 4k | 10-bit Color Depth | Wide Color Gamut >90% DCI-P3 color space | Expanded Contrast The...
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    Help find benchmarks for CPUs @ 4k gaming

    I'm trying to find a 4K benchmark with a CPU roundup of very weak core i3's to very fast i7's the closest I could find was a comparison with Shadows of Mordor at 4k with SLI 980's And it's only showing a 5fps gap from a an i3 to an i7 is this...
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    Can I use Nvidia settings on video playback?

    Can't seem to find anything online about using Nvidia control panel settings on video playback applications.
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    Applying AA to consoles with your PC

    I came across this post on gaf with this program Ptbi Which looks great and is something i'll most likely try out. I was wondering if someone could take that a step further though and possible have maybe a 4k monitor scale a 1080p image up, apply the fxaa, and play through vlc with with svp...
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    4k under $400

    Price: $399.99 & FREE Shipping. Seiki Digital SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV I know its not a top of the line set but i'm doing my best to talk myself out of it at that price PC gaming 4k at 30fps though PS4 at 1080 upscaled to 4k though
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    PS4 digital to analog audio help

    so im running into a little problem trying to push audio out from PS4 to my PC sound card here't the set up ps4 (sound and screen > audio output settings > primary output port > digital out (optical) all formats checked) optical cable connected to a optical to rca converter rca r/l...
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    Games releasing December January?

    Any games announced for December/January time frame whats the next big game coming out for PS4
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    BF4 Image Resolution Scaling

    so I was messing around with the video options and noticed this feature Resolution Scaling, after reading up on it a bit it looks like it's rendering the game video at a higher resolution the downsampling to 1080p which is really cool to see in a games option menu and hope other devs start using...
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    Launch Member Banner tweek

    looking to just add a little something to the ps4 launch banner. Can someone add the PS4 start up light stripe to the bottom of the banner? I like the thin bright light with the soft blue glow creeping to the right like the chest of some best coming awake. like this another look
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    Question about hdmi pass through

    So I have a tv/monitor that has a broken hdmi port so I use it for my pc now with a dvi cable. I'm looking to run the ps4 through my pc to my monitor How can I run an hdmi signal through my pc so I can output the video (in windows) to the monitor?
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    2014 Next Gen PC Gaming | 4K

    Looks like next year could be really interesting to PC gamers With high end single GPU set-ups already able to push 4k at ~30 FPS next years flagship cards out of AMD and Nvidia will hopefully push that bar even higher and with the addition of HDMI 2.0 next years 4k displays can finally support...
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    Help me pick a monitor

    currently I use my TV with my PC for gaming but im going to need to switch to a monitor here in a few months. I have 4 options i'm juggling between 1. 27" Korean 2560x1440 ips $400 2. 30" Dell 2560x1600 ips $1,000 3. 29" AoC 2560x1080 ips cinemawide $400 4. 23" x3 AoC 1920x1080 $200 each...
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    Switch from Consoles to PC

    Anyone else in the same boat? I've been a console focused gamer my whole life but this upcoming gen it looks like its going to be PC gaming for the vast majority. to the point where im thinking of dropping my PS4 launch pre-order because I don't think i'll have the time between the pc games...
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    zombie request

    Hey I'm doing a pc build and need some graphics to print out further theme. I need around a 6" x 14" zombie picture, I was thinking like zombie arms coming out of the ground from the bottom but really anything that looks cool. Main colors are black with red accent. It would be really cool if...
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    whats your opinion on case mods

    I'm building a budget gaming PC for a friend and he is really into zombie games like left 4 dead and dead island. was thinking about doing something zombie related to the case but I really haven't seen a good zombie case mod. blood spatters and bloody hand prints look sort of tacky to me on a...
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    question on CPU for gaming

    building an extreme budget build for a friend is a pentium g2030 going to extremely bottleneck a radeon 7850? it that cpu going to be enough to keep "medium to high" settings for cpu intensive games. the next step up would be i3's but its almost double the price for a slight performance gain.
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    Give me your Best Of list for PS3

    I just recently got a PS3 at E3 and want to play all the best games this system has to offer before the PS4 releases later this year so far I've played: Uncharted Uncharted 3 Last Of Us Killzone 2 Killzone 3 Resistance (half way through) The Unfinished Swan (Resistance 2 and 3 on the way)...
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    Anyone else play The Unfinished Swan

    This game had me saying "that's awesome" from start to finish. Love the whole concept and story of the game and how new things kept slowly being introduced. don't really want to spoil anything for anyone that hasn't played it but if you haven't you really should, it has been a very rare and...
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    LTTP| Killzone 2

    So I just traded my 360 in for a PS3 and one of the game series I was most looking forward to playing was Killzone because it was my absolute most hyped and loved game of the PS2 days Im about an hour or so till the end and so far the overall experience has been a big let down for me First...
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    MS plan through next gen

    I think MS have set themselves up to emulate Apple and it's success with the iphone. with the starting size of the box and the memory allocated to OS functions this puts MS in a position to make noticeable improvements to the the console in form factor and software design which can conceivably...