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    Carrying Your NGP

    Its size is the only thing that is convincing me not to buy it. Size is the reason I had to ditch the 3000 and get a Go. If the Go never got its chance to fail, I wouldn't even own a PSP anymore. The Go is something I just stick in my pocket, which makes it my MP3 player that can also play...
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    The Official DC Universe Online Thread

    Notes: Please make a separate thread to discuss whether MMOs should have a monthly fee. This thread is for discussion of the game, servers, characters, ect I stole all of this info and all of these pictures from the awesome OT at neogaf, made by Nightz. I didn't feel like actually making an...
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    Playstation Portable 2 - Will you buy one?

    I'll wait. It looks really awesome, and the more I think about it the cooler it sounds, but I have a bad feeling about the price.
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    Hands On With The NGP's Brand-New Uncharted, And A Deviant Surprise

    Wow...I was really ready to write off the PSP2 before I had seen it but they've really done something good here. It's too big of a device for me most likely, but I am thoroughly impressed by what Sony has come up with.
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    The ability to change your own thread title.

    I apologize for being in lazy-mode if this has already been explained, but how come we can't change our own titles anymore? That's one of the things I always liked about this forum as opposed to other forums. I know this change didn't just happen, but I never thought to ask about it before...
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    Has anyone bought DC Universe Online?

    The lack of discussion about the game here is strange to me. I don't have it yet, but I've been doing my rounds of reading up on it at various forums. It sounds like the voice chat is messed up in the PS3 version right now, but I have no doubts it'll be fixed. All I know is that this video...
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    PSP 2 revealed in gameinformer #13 according to youtube vid.

    It looks like the PS Phone's screen duct-taped onto the PSP go's controls. The screen looks way too big for the bottom half of the system. As someone who actually likes the Go, I'd be perfectly fine with a DD-only system, but they would have to pack some serious storage in the thing for that...
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    Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 only $15.99!

    From the PS Blog Wow this is an amazing price for both of these games. I've been dying to get Phantasy Star Portable 2 ever since the demo but I couldn't justify $40. Going to less than half of the original cost seems like a major move and it'll successfully pull me away from my $16.
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    Cliffy B on Joe Rogan's podcast

    I haven't listened to it all yet, but Joe Rogan's podcasts are usually really good. He brings guests in who just sit and talk about anything from science to video games to existence. I figured people might want to hear Cliffy B talk about his successes at Epic and whether or not he thinks we...
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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Who knew it was so good?

    I just bought this on sale for $10 for my little white Go. I played the demo for about 19 seconds when it first went up on the store. I didn't get it. I don't know why I even bought the game, but I'm very glad I did. The combat system is easier to pick up than I thought it was at first...
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    Supposedly, Black Ops had to be built on WaW engine because of IW feud.

    Luckyman on neogaf pointed this out. It's a reply from one of the developers. No wonder this COD sucks more than COD games usually suck.* *My opinion of the game sucking comes from 0 minutes of experience playing the game. I'm...
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    Demon's Souls - The Western Development Version

    I did this at another forum and anyone who is a fan of Demon's Souls should jump in. Just reply with the design choices that would have been made if this game was finanaced by someone like Activision or Ubisoft and made...
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    Can you transfer a Sports Champs save to another PS3 and still get trophies?

    I ask this because I want to play Sports Champs in my living room on my roommate's PS3 (more room to move than in my bedroom). But I don't want to lose the ability to earn trophies under my PSN ID. I had to move my room back around so that my TV wouldn't be against the heater so I've lost...
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    Disgaea 4 Trailer

    -LINK- HD sprites are a major plus for the game's art style IMO. The blocky sprites didn't stop me from putting a ton of time into Disgaea 3 but a visual improvement is always nice. This is looking pretty nice at this point, but it's definitely a weird series. A couple screens grabbed by...
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    Where to find PS 15th Anniversary Wallpaper?

    You know this theme? I love the wallpaper for it, but I want to see how it looks after photoshopping the logo out. The problem is I can't seem to find the actual wallpaper anywhere. Unless I can rip it off my PS3 from the Theme options, but I didn't see it.
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    Has anyone else played ONLY move games since it came out?

    Ok I have to admit that I had about an hour of Battle Cars (SARB), but other than that I've played nothing but Move-enabled games since I bought Move. I was heavy into a Fallout 3 file, but I haven't touched it since the colored vibrator landed at my doorstep. I don't necessarily see that...
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    Metal Gear Rising will only be 3D on PS3

    According to joystiq at least. Now all I need is a 3D TV so I can care :lol:
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    Let's talk MAG on Move.

    So far I haven't had that much time to mess with it, but I'm quite awful compared to how I was with a controller. In general if an enemy is on the screen and I don't have to move the camera, shooting from the hip the Move makes it so easy to hit them. It feels so smooth and nice. Any other...
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    The Start/Select buttons on the Move.

    Does anyone know how to use these "properly?" I can't press Start without rotating the controller in my hand first to hit it with my thumb. What am I doing wrong? Do you use the side of your index finger?
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    LittleBigPlanet 2 First Person Shooter level from beta lol wow I can't believe some of the stuff people have made this early in the beta.