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  1. Syphon_Filter

    What the hell is happening with PS3 downloaded games!!

    That's really stupid screwing people over by Sony and not doing anything. I still play games on my 360 or download old games and they running perfectly. Hopefully will be sued and I will go along with them.
  2. Syphon_Filter

    What the hell is happening with PS3 downloaded games!!

    I have bought so many games via my PS3 online store and I wanted to play Binary Domain last night and it showed a message saying "The content has expired!" I also checked my other downloaded games half of them showed same problem. Anyone know what is happening? I sent a message to Sony support...
  3. Syphon_Filter

    Haven't touched the PC in a while!!

    My father past away on April 8, and he suffered a lot. Since than I barely want to be at home and I just can't him off my mind. Today since he passed away I touched my pc and my PS3 system. I can't believe how the days has gone so fast!!
  4. Syphon_Filter

    Phil Spencer confirms Sony heads contacted him over Activision-Blizzard acquisition

    Either way Microsoft will win. Because they will release all the games on Gamepass day one and who is going to pay for full price when you can get the game for 11.99 plus or 16.99!? For sure everyone will jump on the Gamepass and again it's smart move by Phil.
  5. Syphon_Filter

    Sony has lost all touch with their fanbase!

    It's greedy company trying to suck peoples money as much as possible and not only that. Since they started charging taxes at the PSN store and the prices of their games are 3 times doubled compare to PC and plus you will have to pay tax. Me and my friends we barely now spend 5 dollars at PSN...
  6. Syphon_Filter

    PS3 old games servers are back!!

    PS Online Network Emulated group have managed to restore some of best PS3 games such as Killzone 2, Warhawk, Socom, Home, Wipe out HD, and Twisted Metal Black. I remember playing Warhawk, Killzone 2, Home, and Socom like crazy. I played few Socom games but I wasn't good at it loool. It has been...
  7. Syphon_Filter

    Anyone visit Japanese PSN?

    I haven't been able to sign in to my Japanese account and I use it, but now when using chrome or other browsers. When visiting the Japanese store and clicking on sign in, it's taking me back to US store and I can't login. Any help on what to do? I didn't want to play with the PC settings until I...
  8. Syphon_Filter

    PS now pc redirecting to website!

    What the hell is happening? I wanted to play some games but when I click on PSN NOW icon on my PC. The application is taking me to the website and can't stream any games! Anyone know what is happening?
  9. Syphon_Filter

    Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut - Iki Island Trailer | PS5, PS4

    One of the best games. I will get the PS5 version and replay the game again!
  10. Syphon_Filter

    Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Pre-Order Trailer

    I was going to get this game but it's only multiplayer so I won't.
  11. Syphon_Filter

    Ready to use M.2!

    The PS5. M.2 requirements speed is 5,500MB and up and most of the M.2 SSD speed is at 7000. Plus the developers will need to use that feature which they will never do as they are lazy and even if we will get higher M.2 SSD reading speed. Yea, so far Western Digital SSD is popular and everyone...
  12. Syphon_Filter

    Ready to use M.2!

    Just waiting for the update to be released and use my M.2 SSD with the heatsink installed. I bought Western Digital WD BLACK SN850 NVMe M.2 2280 1TB and bought a heatsink and for it that is was 12 dollars. My PS5 it has only 120GB left which is not a lot.
  13. Syphon_Filter

    When Will Sony Release PS5 Limited Edition Bundles, Slim and Pro Version Consoles?

    Sony's bundles are cheap made and they are not like Microsoft and Sony is always looking for cheap stuff to bring. I don't think we will get something good like that.
  14. Syphon_Filter

    It's going to be busy night for me!

    Thanks and trust me, you will love it so much! Indeed it was!;)
  15. Syphon_Filter

    Battlefield 2042 Gameplay reveal

    I have had big hope for this game but it doesn't look any impressive at all. I don't know what Dice is doing it looks same as Battlefield 3 in terms of graphics and game-play. With the new systems we have or pc it should look way better. I won't buy it at all.
  16. Syphon_Filter

    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Story Overview

    I'm sure my friend you will not let the controller go ones you will start playing Ratchet And Clank. It's just an amazing game from ground to the top!
  17. Syphon_Filter

    It's going to be busy night for me!

    I just played Ratchet so far and I didn't want to leave the controller. This Ratchet game is best Ratchet game ever made. I cannot describe it by words and it's just an amazing and beautiful game! I am enjoying Ratchet so much and just want to play! Later on today I will try Final Fantasy as well.
  18. Syphon_Filter

    Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Story Overview

    Oh my God! I have played the game for 30 minutes and it's just beautiful! This is the best Ratchet And Clank game ever is being made! Everything in it is so perfect. I would give it 10/10.
  19. Syphon_Filter

    It's going to be busy night for me!

    I just picked up these 2 new games and I called my boss and told him my mom is little sick and can't go to work tomorrow!:cool:
  20. Syphon_Filter

    Got a PS5!

    Yea I saw that the PSN is not organized and it's confusing. I wanted to check the new games and they have been labeled Latest and everything is mixed.