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    GAME/GAMESTATION not stocking Mass Effect 3

    Source - Oh dear! I have pre-ordered the standard edition from Game, not sure if they're still getting them or does this only affect the N7 editions? I only want to buy it at Game as i have 2 x £30 gift cards that i...
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    PS3 Slim 160gb Hard Reset / Freezing on Battlefield 3 start-up

    Recently my ps3 slim has froze on 2 separate occasions with me. I was in the XMB and then put my Battlefield 3 disc in and when i go to start the game up, it froze. I was able to remove my disc but the console had to be turned off at the power supply as the button on the console wasnt...
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    F1 2010 - Late to the party

    Is F1 2010 worth getting at this point? I know F1 2011 is scheduled for later on this year but i saw F1 2010 relatively cheap and it has kind of twigged my interest. I have never really been into watching F1 as such but from some youtube videos and stuff this looks pretty solid and the weather...
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    Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition

    Has anyone got this yet for ps3? I went down to my local GAME and they had got 8 Xbox copies in and 0 PS3 copies! :( I HAVE HAD THE KOLLECTORS EDITION PRE-ORDERED FOR 3 MONTHS! They said that they hadn't arrived in yet for ps3 even though there were 4 or 5 pre-orders. They also said that...
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    Demons Souls - late to the party

    Has anyone got any Demons Souls tips for early on in the game? I know there is an official thread but there is simply too much content to wade through at this moment in time. i've beat the first boss Phalanx and im on 1-2 (i think) i keep getting up to theend of the second bridge but there is a...
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    Mortal Kombat: Liu Kang Vignette + Kollector's Edition

    New trailer for Liu Kang and also shows the Kollector's Edition with figurines! So psyched for this! :D;thumb;1 P.S. anyone know how to embed this?
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    GT5 Game Save / Playing Time

    I was just looking at the game save on my PS3 for GT5, and it gives you info such as play time, current credits and current car. However, my current play time says 198 days, which is obviously wrong lol! :snicker Anyone know anything about this or is this a known issue? I'm interested to see if...
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    PS3 just died :(

    Right i was playing a demo there, Blacklight: Tango Down and it seemed a bit jumpy on me and then bam, all of a sudden my ps3 beeps and goes off. :pissed: When i try to turn it back on it goes on for about half a second, then beeps 3 times and goes off leaving the power button flashing red. I...
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    Should I buy a steering wheel?

    Long story short, should i buy a Steering wheel for this? I am definitely buying GT5 without a doubt, but to be perfectly honest i've not played GT since GT2 and that's a long time ago but i liked it a lot. I've briefly played GT5:P at a friends house but nothing more than a couple of tracks...
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    What good new games are coming out?

    So as the title asks, what good new games are coming out? In my opinion theres not a lot really in the near future. The reason I ask is because i have a £26 GAME card burning a hole in my wallet and I feel the need to spend it lol! Or perhaps I could spend it on an older title? I'm feeling the...
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    007 Quantam of Solace worth getting?

    Im really in the need of a cheap new game to tide me over until Borderlands/COD MW2, as the last game i bought was Batman AA. In HMV and probably online, you can get 007 Quantam of Solace for £10 and just wondering anyone that owns it or has played it is it worth that small price? Also how...
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    Question about BF:BC?

    Ok i used to have BF:BC but i sold it after i kinda got bored of it after reaching the top rank, However now i regret it as i feel the urge to play it :( My question is that if i buy it again will i have the same rank and stats as i had before because of the online log in thing? Because i have...
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    Platinum Games (not trophies)

    So looking on the sales at Amazon, it has made me wonder, if they say only the best games go platinum, then how come there are so few in my opinion? Also what determines exactly when and why a game goes platinum, for example Farcry 2 is platinum but i had it and honestly cant see how it sold...