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    No Jurassic World straight game? So, I have to agree with Forbes. Primal Carnage disappeared, I'll get the PC version now. All I see is Lego Jurassic World. LEGO games are great, but, I was...
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    Review platform designation issue

    I'm kind of sick of how reviews post the Platform Reviewed data at the end and there's just NO WAY to tell what the game is for until you click into the review. I don't always know by title. I don't really plan on reading every review on the site, and god forbid it say 'over leaf' or...
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    Up To 6TB Drive tested with PS4

    Here's a guy showing off that he snaked a SATA cable out to his 6TB external drive and that it functions quite nicely. I'm still waiting for someone to come up with a snap on cover replacement expansion for the PS4 (maybe it functions as a Camera Dock on top of the system too, since the PS4...
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    2TB Samsung/Seagate M9T drive working on PS4 with 1.71

    I did finally get to trying to install the 2TB Samsung/Seagate drive in the PS4. NOW it works like they are best friends. Downloaded 1.71 to a USB stick. Backed up PS4 to external drive. Swapped in the 2TB. Installed from stick, no issues at all now reading the 2tb hdd like in the...
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    Largo Winch movie on Amazon Prime

    A movie titled "The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch" may be the best Video Game adaptation in quite some time. It's actually good.
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    Dual Shock 4 vs Saitek P990 Dual Analog USB Comparison

    I thought since I just dug it out, I'd show the similarities between my last Favorite controller, and still for PC, the Saitek P990 Dual Analog (pretty old controller now) against the DS4. Similar Size, Saitek is 'larger'. They have a similar angle of the bend in the controller handle...
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    Who's playing Strider?

    I'm thoroughly enjoying this game!
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    Strider - 2014 Reboot : Impressions and reviews

    Hey all, I suspect the new Strider game is HIGH on many of our lists. Is it out early yet? Does anyone have it? Steam? XBO? I haven't logged into the PS3/4 in a couple of weeks with other things I'm planning and doing. I'm carving out time to play this. So, lets here it as you...
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    Walmart full chain availability Dec 15th (Ymmv).

    I heard Walmart shipped at least 5 units to EVERY STORE (the really remote ones got little). Checking the online checker indicates all stores in my area has stock in store. Run and get them now apparently, this ain't gonna last long, lol. Edit: As I was typing this, Eldersburg...
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    Kaveri Cometh

    I was looking over the upcoming news on AMD's Kaveri APU's and noticed this article. It has one rather interesting paragraph: I'll leave it alone as to what...
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    Impossible with Autotune.

    I present the majority of today's pestilence sucralose autotune arse covering 'talents' with this simple presentation: The human voice as an instrument: Freddie Mercury: Time. I could have used ANYTHING with Mercury, but, something so clear where he controls his voice... Most...
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    PS4 Availability post Launch (worldwide discussion welcome).

    Mods: Please sticky this in the PS4 section . So, do you see PS4's available in your area? Have you found of a way to get one ? Let us know! Please list your Country and then where you know of how to acquire a system. To kick off. Here in the USA Maryland, Baltimore...
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    Namco Bandai is still not interested in localizing Vita’s Tales of games

    We need a Cloud resident RPG Maker so we can write our own...
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    XBOX ONE Privacy Shield for Kinect

    Well, this might do something... and it's out of stock, that says alot, rofl. Bang Olufson et. al...
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    Sequels done RIGHT! What are your favorite sequels and why?

    I like a good sequel. One that takes the original and runs with it. I just don't like sequels yearly, unless it's sports. I understand sports and their roster updates and the competitive nature of people who play sports games hardcore, generating that money, wouldn't accept just roster...
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    Microsoft invites WHITE PEOPLE to play XBOX One

    While none of the content of the commercial was racist... well, pay close attention....
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    PS4 Skins, Shields and Faceplates

    Can we make this sticky for a while? Everyone please post cool PS4 images or real Skins or decorative covers you've seen. NES PS4 Skinomi website Black and White PS4...
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    Radeon 7950 3GB Newegg $90 off today to those of you who say hUMA be darned... see above!!! Mind you, the new Radeon X2xx series are arriving next week or so.
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    Mighty No. 9 - Which Level did you support at?

    I changed to the $250 level because i'm going to shrinkwrap the physical stuff and if it becomes the huge game i think one day, that stuff could be worth a pretty penny way more than $250.