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    Need Your Help

    Ladies & Gentleman, I would really appreciate if you would take 2 mins of your precious time to fill out this survey, I am doing it for my Marketing Management class. Thank you all in advance, love you'all.
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    Whats up!

    Hey there guys, what is up? Havent been on PSU for ages but now I am here for a short while, do you guys even remember me? :mrgreen: I have so many good memories of this place and all the experiences that I had here so I decided to come back to greet you all and tank you for the awesome...
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    Unofficial Achievements & Awards Thread

    Official Achievements & Awards Thread The ​Achievements & Awards feature is something implemented in the forum by the vbulletin developers and graphically designed by Cybertox. This feature enables users to obtain achievements and awards for the tasks that they have completed. The tasks are...
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    How do you understand or interpret the following quote...

    I think it would be interesting to discuss this matter. The quote says: "A king is only a king until he sees aces" There could be many different types of interpretations but mine is as follow. For me the quote means that somebody who thinks highly of himself or just thinks he is very good at...
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    The Most Important Aspects in a Game

    Which aspects of a game are the most important to you and which are less relevant in your opinion? The pool contains 5 aspects which are: Graphics, Performance, Gameplay, Sound and Replayability. Which aspect is the most important to you? Evaluate all five aspects from 1 to 5, the 1 being the...
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    GTA V No safehouses for sale.

    Currently there is no way to buy safehouses / real estates in gta V. Even though there is an in-game website it says that it is under maintenance. So for now there is no way to buy safehouses. Some say purchasable safehouses and real estates will be exclusive to gta online while some others...
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    The Questions Thread

    -The Questions Thread- If you have any questions on pretty much every general topic post them here, you will get answers. This threads purpose is to ask and answer questions as well as discuss them. Questions can be about pretty much everything but please keep it decent. I always get new...
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    Gladiator Maximus Signature + Avatar request.

    I would like to request a signature and a matching avatar. Gladiator Maximus from my all-time favourite movie Gladiator is the main theme of the request. Maximus is definitely one of my most favourite characters and thats the reason why I request a signature and an avatar based on him. On the...
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    Graphical Signatures Gallery / Cybertox - Denis Ginzburg

    Currently I am working on a Project concerned with Graphical Signatures and would like you to give me 5 themes which I will have to use in my gallery. Post 5 of your selected themes, you are free to suggest any theme except for adult content ( Violence, Pornography etc.) The reason why I want...
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    Perfect time to get a Vita?

    Played with one recently and thought it wasnt bad, quite decent i must say. If you really like it you might consider buying it as the price is currently pretty good. However not many great games are out yet.
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    GTA Vice City Signature+Avatar Combo Request

    Considering GTA Vice City is my favorite game and I am currently playing the anniversary edition and still love it as i did before i would like to request a signature and an avatar. The main theme is as i said GTA Vice City, both the signature and the avatar should have a nice, classic and sexy...
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    Internet forums Presentation

    Recently I did a presentation about internet forums as an oral assignment for school. I didnt dedicated much time to it as i wanted but i still think its worth sharing and know what you think about it. Power Point 2010 is required in order to see the file. Download Link...
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    Susan Coffey Signature Request

    Well guys, I had good times with my crusader signature and now i would like to request another one. Susan Coffey is pretty much the main theme and the colour scheme should be something like black, red, dark red, bright red etc. Smooth and tight borders would be cool. There should be a medium...
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    How powerful is vita?

    The Vita has also higher resolution and thats one of the reason why games on vita look better than the best ones for psp.
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    How powerful is vita?

    GPU is the one which has effect on graphixs while RAM affects loading and multitasking.
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    Games (technical) Optimization

    First of all i would like to say that im very interested on how games are being optimized whether the game is being developed for consoles or personal computers. Recent generation of games are poorly optimized but i i think that technical optimization of a game is being underestimated nowadays...
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    NFS: MW might be the best damn Vita game out there!

    I wouldnt say that NFS MW 2012 is a good game in general. Its decent but nothing more that that. I finished the whole game in 6 hours of gameplay, thats way too short and it has a horrible replay value. Compared to NFS HP 2010 its not as good. I have beated all the most wanted racers and...
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    I must say that i prefer the Vita in black. In white it looks like a cheap PSP.
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    Muramasa: The Demon Blade: Why Vita And What About The Lost Wii Content?

    Its good to see more games being released for the Vita.
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    Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 (personal review by Cybertox)

    Review of Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 NFS MW 2012 is an open world racing game developed by Criterion and published by Electronic Arts. Criterion is well know for its successful Burnout series. Criterion developed its first NFS game in 2009/2010 which was Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010...