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  1. Nstriker20

    Gamespot Cannot Be Trusted When It Comes To PS3 Game Reviews.

    I got on the internet today so see whats going in the gaming world. I usually go Gamespot to check on the recent gaming news, IGN for additional information, for game trailers and PS3forums for Posting with my fellow gamers. When i was at gamespot i noticed that they had...
  2. Nstriker20

    Went to Gamestop and got me an xbox360pro bundle.

    I could not wait any longer to see if Microsoft was going to have another price drop. So i went to my nearest gamestop and got an xbox360 pro Holiday Bundle. I was going to order it online but i feared RROD Failure and then having to deal with online returns. I Spent about $500 today but it was...
  3. Nstriker20

    Vote Now PS3 Future.

    Take into account the 40GB PS3 about to be announced. How many PS3 Consoles Total will Sony sell by the end of 2007.
  4. Nstriker20

    Coded Arms Assault.

    Hey Ebgames has this game as coming out September 1st 2007. Is this date for real:?: Because there is no word/hype about this game lately and it's supposedly coming out next month. Link>>>Click Me<<<
  5. Nstriker20

    Good News for the PS3:Mod-Chip makers are getting ICE'd.

    This is a major set-back for those who want to hack the PS3. Beware ICE is after you.;img;3 It's about time.
  6. Nstriker20

    PS3 60GB vs 80GB version

    I know this a lot of information at once for everybody but i was thinking and i came across this little passage in gamespot news report. The specific quote that i am about to list may have been overlooked by many people. 80GB PS3 60GB PS3 I thought that the 60GB version doesn't have the...
  7. Nstriker20

    Vote for the Most anticipated Game for E3 2007 for PS3.

    I want too know what games you guys are really looking forward too this E3 2007.
  8. Nstriker20

    For those looking for 1080p HDTV for their PS3. Price would blow you away.

    Brand Name:SHARP Just came out recently. 32" Sharp HDTV LCD. Full HD(1080p), 2 HDMI ports(1080P) 2 component(1080p). This TV blows out any other 32" HDTV out there right now. With screen sizes ranging from 32" to 52", the AQUOS D62U series, sets a new standard for large-screen flatpanel...
  9. Nstriker20

    Vgcharts reporting 500,000+ PS3 units sold in other regions including Europe.

    The PS3 is closing in on 3 million units sold world wide according to vgcharts. Click on the PS3 bar to see the updated version at
  10. Nstriker20

    Poll:How much PS3 will be sold in Europe by March end.

    I think that Sony will exhaust their initial 1 million units for Launch in 3 days and will sell and addition 800,000 units by march end. Totaling 1.8 million by March end. Comments and prediction are welcomed after voting.
  11. Nstriker20

    Research firm: 75 million PS3s sold by 2010

    75 million PS3's by 2010 thats a lot of PS3 units in just under 5 years, 4 years and 1.5 months to be exact.
  12. Nstriker20

    Just a little Reminder for PS3 owners and Owners to be. 56K warning

    With all the negativity out there about the PS3 especially in the press about how expensive the PS3 is and how the Launch titles fall short of expectations except for a couple of titles (Resistance Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night round 3) just to name a Few. I can't help it but just to...
  13. Nstriker20

    Ebgames bundle on the PS3 are up again.

    Who ever wants one they are up for grabs again. also at HSN [12/21/2006]*NA*NA*NA updated ebgames[12/21/2006]
  14. Nstriker20

    PS3 related Crimes

    [/color][/b] It's good for that idiot that got pushed out of the car. Eventually he is going to give up the rest of them.
  15. Nstriker20

    PS3 Tracker

    I posted this a long time ago but it was locked and delete because it was too early of a post to make at that time. But i found it again and here it is. Link
  16. Nstriker20

    Kaz Hirai 1,000,000 PS3 units by the End of the Year(U.S.A).

    Live from Gamespot PS3 event coverage, Kaz Hirai said 1,000,000 PS3 units by the end of the calender Year for the U.S.A LAunch. Live event link link
  17. Nstriker20

    PS3 Frenzy @ Wal-mart You guys got too see this one!

    People really got crazy today just for a chance to get the PS3. Link The Video is to the left of bottom of the picture. Also some people got $400 tickets for pitching up a tent for camping:lol: Today have been a funny day.
  18. Nstriker20

    Sony has redesigned it U.S playstation website

    Check of the new design, most geared towards the PS3.
  19. Nstriker20

    Sony PS3 Launch details and Event coverages---Updates---

    High Definition PS3 game videos Click me Sony will Ship 100,000 units of the PS3 after the Launch per week, which is not bad. Maybe it will be the same numbers for U.S.A after Launch. Remember that Sony is still Sticking to their initial numbers of shipping 6 million units by March 2007...
  20. Nstriker20

    Having Problems with Music Playback on PSP.

    I just got my USB cable today and i connected it to my PC and Transferred Some Songs from I-tunes to my PSP and i see the Songs in the PSP Music File on the Computer but when i try to play the music is say's there are no tracks on the PSP. But the Song Files are there because i see the amount of...