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    My 2 dualshock 4s have same fault in left analog

    Noticed yesterday the rubber on the right hand side of left analog stick has a 1cm split in it, and then today I looked at my other controller and it has the same thing! Very poor quality materials much be used here if it only lasts a month. I can feel the rubber give way now each time im play...
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    Early january ps4 update

    I remember reading couple weeks ago somewhere it was due 3rd jan this update but cant seem to find any more info last couple of days. Its the update to fix pulse headsets and bluetooth. Does anyone know if this firmware update will include DLNA support also so we can stream our media library to...
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    Sony Store Uk really let me down, what should I do?

    Just got off the phone to sony store uk who I have a ps4 pre-ordered with since 3rd July. I have paid £8 extra for express delivery on 29th. They told me as Im not a mainland uk resident (I live in northern ireland still part of the UK) that it will be monday or tuesday before I get my ps4. He...
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    Whats your day 1 plan for ps4?

    What games, accessories etc are you guys getting day 1? Im counting down the days, cannot wait. Here is my plan. I pre ordered direct from sony store uk, and paid for before 12pm delivery, so hopefully will have it on the 29th nov. I havnt any ps4 games pre ordered, I plan on paying the £10 to...
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    GTA V delivered 3 days early with

    They delivered it 3 days early, was amazed. But various ones on my psn friends list been saying I could get banned for playing it. I dont see why as its not my fault I got the game early. Btw its brilliant, graphics are not blurry anymore and cars handle better. Just played about 5 hours of it...
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    Best ps4 game prices (UK, USA or anywhere share your price here)

    If you find good deal on a game share it here. Best I can see in UK at the minute is, on a range of games. They do ps4 fifa 14 for £42.00...
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    Brilliant new Vita update 2.60 now live.

    Is the streaming of ps3 videos and music only work if vita is connected by usb? In pc theres an option for streaming content over wifi but on ps3 i can only see usb option. Maybe I need to register ps3 or something?
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    Eurogamer article:- Everything we know so far about ps4

    After months of leaks and industry speculation, Sony will tonight unveil its next generation games machine. The PlayStation maker has called the world's media to an exclusive pow-wow in New York and we'll report live from the event from 11pm UK time. To fill the hours until then, we've put...
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    'Lemmings' releases free on PS Vita

    Didnt even know there was a mobile part of the store lol. Going download this now.
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    Is your k/d ratio down on black ops 2?

    I have a 1.88 on mw3, on black ops 2 im at 1.59 atm, around 1500 kills. Nothing spectacular, but was wondering was everyone elses down on other games or went up?
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    Time devoted to playing Vita compared to PS3.

    On average vita- Less than 1hr a week. Ps3- 3-6 hrs a day actual gaming but its on most of day. Skype is cool, but waste of money for me, so far. Disappointed browser doesnt have flash or any video. Ive a 32gb memory card with 19gb free, downloaded all demos and hav only tried 3 i think. Bad...
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    Whats to look forward to?

    I couldve got the wifi console on launch day on its own for £199 out of blockbusters, but I chose there deal at £225 which included a 4gb memory card and a copy of fifa football. Maybe you mean bundles for 199?
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    PS Vita Accessories Thread

    Got my trigger grips in post today, very comfy. I like the way it leaves the rear touchpad more defined. Also got a 32gb memory card. Takes its sweet time to copy stuff on and off Ps3 , write speed must be average at best.
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    The PS Vita Price Thread

    My deal was pretty good i thought out of xtravision (Blockbuster rest of uk). For £225, wifi vita with free 4gb memory card and fifa football. I traded in 3 games and got it even cheaper, around 190. Couldve got uncharted instead of fifa for extra 10.
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    Vita's wireless range? (wifi)

    Doh! Ive never had a psp or used remote play before the vita so didnt know it worked that way lol. Glad I figured it out was bugging me. I see on remote play youtube works, hopefully the vitas browser is updated soon though. And talking about vitas browser it doesnt display psu forums properly ...
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    Near now works for me, found 5 people nearby. Probably due to skyhook im pretty sure.
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    Vita's wireless range? (wifi)

    Anyones vita picking up a strange SSID or access point? (other router than your own). When I say strange I would expect the SSID to be bthomehub3***** or something like that , its PS3-5****** im seeing and according to signal strength its closer to me than my own hub? Full 3 bars on it earlier...
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    Vita's wireless range? (wifi) something like that im goin hav2 get
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    Vita's wireless range? (wifi)

    very disappointed , was drinking in our pool room 2nite, about 40 yards away in direct line from router. Got 1% signal and it wouldn't join psn. Im goin hav buy a wifi extender it looks like. Looks like it isnt on n, b/g maybe even though n is enabled. Only hav 1 other n device my torch 9860. It...
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    Vita's wireless range? (wifi)

    Guess what im asking is how far you can get from your router without it cutting out? When weathers good would b nice lie out in garden but not sure if it'll work there. Im going test it later but would like others results. Ive a wireless n router, i see vita is n 1x1 whatever that is. Ill put up...