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    Not sure where to place this - help

    Hello, I changed my gamertag, is there anyway to change my name on here to represent that. I changed it to Karl Cousins. Thanks.
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    The future of GTA

    I really hope the future GTA's (or even this one) will make use of storage such as Blue Ray capacity or even DLC for the radio. Take the chat programme for instance. I like listening to that but it becomes very repetitive quickly. I understand that it requires scripts and acting. I would...
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    Misconception helpful (GTA related)

    Today I was asked if I was getting GTA on release. I let them know it was pre-ordered and I just booked some time off work. (sad I know lol). What I didn't expect was what was asked and said next: Friend1: What system you getting it on? Me: 360 due to online and DLC Friend2: Why? It will...
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    Is DivX and the Xbox 360 About To Become A Reality?

    The following would finally make me store away my original Xbox if true. :DD Source: