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    LOTRS I tould you so!

    Haha, I was right and yes they are makeing a game based on LOTRS do out in 2007. It's a mmo rpg. 50 Skill Points removed for not using quote tags -adamba4e
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    It was a lie

    But RSX stll better alone then xbox360 and with cell it outstanding and cell can stll do ray tracking and I dont give a crap. PS3 +rsx alone or with cell + ray tracking useing in a game or not I dont care bc where gonna have far betetr graphics tv any pc video card can do or the xbox360 can...
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    PS3 online news

    Do not advertise -adamba4e
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    PS3 online ideas

    I hope all the online games yet you use a mouse and keybord. I would love to see if every online game have a chat box hope you can chat by typing on a keybord when your playing a game. You know like pc games do. I would like to be able to add severs to a a favs. list that be cool lol. It be...
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    Im freak out about buying any tv bigger then a 20 inch and i perfer smaller then that. But Im going to buy a hdtv or a crt projection hdtv for PS3. But... PS2 on my sony 24' looked like CRAP! And I have seen a 27 inch other kind of tv that my bro owns and it looks way better on it without any...
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    The tv i mgiht get for PS3

    Well I was looking fowards to Sony WEGA FD Trinitron KD-30XS955 30" TV. But it have lines and crap and not true hd... I bet you can stll see the lines and crap or a mess up picture like blurr for far alway stop or dots for far alway stuff or jagie edges sorry for my spelling. And this all comes...