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  1. SpaceMonkeyDave


    quick question about the xbox 360 warranty if you buy the console new or get given it new but you loose the shop receipt, do you still have the 12 month warranty from Microsoft? if you do than how would you prove you had the xbox 360 within the last 12 months? many thanks as always Dave
  2. SpaceMonkeyDave

    360 is dead

    ok so here is the story i took my 360 apart today thinking it would be "smart" to try out the firmware hack that has been flying around however, after removing the screws that secure the xbox in its shiney metal case (the ones that are around 6cm), however after getting to the stage where i...
  3. SpaceMonkeyDave

    screen wipes

    i know this might sound really really dumb but is it ok to use computer CRT monitor screen wipes on a LCD HDTV? i have one here but im not sure if it might damage it? also does anyone know any "household goods" that will get the job done as good? windowline perhaps? many thanks
  4. SpaceMonkeyDave

    wave editing program

    does anyone know of any recommended, reliable and spyware free, audio wave/mp3 editing programs? i used to have nero wave editor and that was fine but i no longer have nero
  5. SpaceMonkeyDave

    Go Go Rocket = addictive

    i downloaded this game of XBLA today man its addictive however i was thinking is this compatible with a dance mat? i know it sounds sad but it would be pretty funny on this game i saw this on ebay...
  6. SpaceMonkeyDave

    whats it with sony and messed up adverts?!

    i went to the cinema to watch 300 last night (bloody great film i must say) and before the film started there was several "adverts" on as you do like one of them went on for ages about "living" now being as i am i knew what it was on about right away "this is living" logo i have seen...
  7. SpaceMonkeyDave

    new major update erm update!

    i dont know if im living in the stone ages when i post this but i thought it looked cool and was well "new" in that not many people talking about it one feature im glad has returned is multi-chat rooms that the xbox1 had, messenger contacts also is a good improvement as well as the extended...
  8. SpaceMonkeyDave

    command and conquer 3 demo

    i was thinking recently of updating my graphics card to play this game at the moment i tried running the demo but my card is not supported so i was looking out for a new one however seeing it is coming out on the 360 soon i wasnt quite sure if i would get a better game experience on the 360...
  9. SpaceMonkeyDave

    the best features of the 3 consoles

    this thread is an "opinion" type thread simply put down the best new feature of the 3 next gen consoles (just the OS, nothing to do with the games or hardware or the services, just the stuff that you get when you turn on the console) that you think is just god damn ace play station 3: i would...
  10. SpaceMonkeyDave

    will my psu take it?

    i got a pc the other day that has the following a 3.5ghz intel celeron D 1 gig of ram 2 ATA hdd's 1 burner 1 sd card + usb + random **** reader and the like however it has a pci-e slot so i was thinking of getting a geforce 7600gt (an xfx xxx edition if i can) however the PSU is...
  11. SpaceMonkeyDave

    Viewtiful Joe

    After playing okami and seeing that clover made the game i looked for some of their other games,i stumbled across "viewtiful joe 1+2" and although the videos look abit strange and "huh?" alot of people are giving this game very high scores indeed is it worth getting or?
  12. SpaceMonkeyDave

    VISTRON HDTV's, Yay or Nay?

    what are your views on VISTROn hdtv's? good, ok or cheap 'n' nasty?
  13. SpaceMonkeyDave

    vga and 1080i?

    i came across something rather strange today i picked up the offcial hd vga cable at gamestation and looked at the back of it it says it can support 480p, 720p and 1080i ( vga dosent support 1080i does it? if it does and ive been...
  14. SpaceMonkeyDave

    the KEO sattilite

    i came across this site they are launching a sattilite at the end of this year with a load of messages inside it, the sattilite will crash down thousands of years in the future and we are all allowed 6000 characters to put on this sattilite for free of course now im not sure if this has been...
  15. SpaceMonkeyDave

    component vs vga

    i have tried and tested both and not too sure on my tv vga looks a little better (i think) but im not 100% sure
  16. SpaceMonkeyDave

    360 static ip

    i made a thread like this a while ago but i forgot where it is anyway a quick question how do you setup a manual ip for the 360 on a ics connection? im not sure what ip i need to enter?
  17. SpaceMonkeyDave

    the best media player

    after a while of surfing the net im starting to wonder what is the best media player availble out there? at the moment i just use windows media player 11, but i keep on wondering if there are better players out there for example windows media player 11 on my pc cant player hd steams (i...
  18. SpaceMonkeyDave

    renaming forum user accounts

    i know this sounds really cheeky but would it be possible if i could change my name on these forums? who should i contact morpheus or?
  19. SpaceMonkeyDave

    quick question about gold hdmi

    a quick question about hdmi cables before i buy one ive heard that hdmi is a digital conncetion therefore will a gold connection provide a better signal? or will it be just the same as a silver plated hdmi signal? my knowlage is limited but i always thought that digital worked on a "yes/no"...
  20. SpaceMonkeyDave

    top ten game companies

    the title is pretty much self explanetry list your top ten game companies! im gonna list mine here, but they aint in any order at all so in no particular order: 1. Squaresoft ahh who can forget squaresoft eh? the company that bought us rpg's so legendary that it made our consoles...