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    Xbox Live Gold 24/48 hour codes, who wants one?

    I found half a dozen or so the other day, anyone here stuck on silver and twitching for some onlinery? (I don't know what they are, I assume they're all 48 but tbh I haven't really looked so I hedged my bets in the topic :D)
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    Should I get a 3DS?

    Basically, one of my friends owes me some money, but got his hands on 2 3DS's and has offered me one in place of some of the cash he owes... Should I go for it? There's like, a whole ****load of good devs and franchises on-board the 3DS train, right? Anyone who has one wanna post some...
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    So I'm looking for a good cockpit...

    Anybody got any experiences with serious gaming chairs? :D Currently I'm thinking the obutto is the way forward, but it's not really anything I've looked at or considered before, and they're not going to be shipping it here until April, apparently, so there's still time to change my mind...
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    Microsoft @ CES - watch live

    Dunno how much Xbox stuff we'll see, but since this came up on MajorNelson's blog the other day I'd imagine there'll be something:
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    NFS: Hot Pursuit is pretty awesome online

    Anyone else playing this? I'm on the PC version but I'm guessing it's much the same on the consoles too. I've only been playing for a few hours today personally, but I can definitely see me sinking a significant amount of time into the online - it's one of the few multiplayer games outside the...
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    Anyone playing APB?

    I was looking forward to this, but the reviews put me off. I eventually went for it yesterday and it's better than I expected. Yeah it's got serious issues but this could be a pretty entertaining game once it's had a few patches!
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    New Trials HD DLC This Year

    Sounds like 50 new levels - 10 user made, 40 official. I'm there dude.
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    Any region locking on the Go?

    I don't really keep on top of the PSP news, and a buddy of mine is going to the US in summer and asked if he'd have any issues using a US-bought Go with a UK PS3. I'd assume the answer would be no, but like I say - I haven't been paying very much attention. Anyone got a definitive answer?
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    Anyone else playing Alan Wake?

    I'm on my second night, just hit episode 3. Decent game so far, maggie seems to be enjoying just watching the story unfold. Very pretty game, I don't think it's in Uncharted/Killzone territory but it's definitely a looker, nice to play a horror with good controls, too.
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    Well I just pulled the trigger on a new PC...

    I've been either sick or recovering from surgery for ages so I moved the PS3, Wii and 360 through to the bedroom, all that was conspicuously absent from my setup was a sweet-*** gaming PC but I'd decided to hold out and get an iPad first. However, since Apple decided not to launch it here for...
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    Well that's me...

    I'm about to go get my face chopped/smashed/cauterised to fix the damage I did to myself at new year, woohoo! Surgery FTL... Wish me luck! Anyone I've antagonised with my comments on GT5's shadows or Linux lately will be glad to know I'm going to be in an absolute knot about an hour and a...
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    Any decent 360 Battlefielders about?

    Come on then... Who's up for dishing out some spanks in BC2?
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    What do you most want to see in firmware 3.22

    Ho ho ho, couldn't resist it, sorry :D eta: I went for the boxing glove, I don't feel *quite* like an abused spouse with the way Sony have treated me yet, adding some physical pain into the mix would just really enhance the vibe I assume they're going for :D
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    Does anyone here live in Madrid?

    I need a favour, nothing weird, I just need to make sure a letter reaches the right person, it'll be a case of calling an office to make sure they're there, dropping it off, and walking away. Like I say, nothing weird, I can explain the whole thing to anyone who thinks they'd be able to do...
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    Pacquiao vs Cotto -who's watching?

    I've followed both these guys careers' for as long as they've been televised and am a big fan of both, I think I'd have to go back to Lennox/Vitali to find another fight I've been this worked up about. Anyone else going to be watching, who you picking? As much as I like Pacquiao and...
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    What do you make of the party chat nerf?

    I expected something less half assed tbh. Party chat is the 360's strongest advantage if you ask me, and it feels crippled in MW2. I understand for stuff like search and destroy but god damn, not even in domination and TDM? I'm loving the game online but all these whiny ****wads... Man, I'm...
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    So how's Gay Tony?

    I forgot all about it last night and just downloaded it today, tried the drinking game in the bar and fell down the stairs taking out a bunch of clubbers on my way (which was pretty awesome :D) and got to the house, but I'm probably going to get pulled into some L4D or Forza soon, so how is it...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Demo

    Just had a game of L4D with a guy who was talking about the demo for 2, apparently codes have already gone out to people who pre-ordered at participating retailers - anyone know who's participating? Any chance there's somewhere I can order now that will send a code through email tonight...
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    Can you make your own voice come through the TV?

    I'd like to record some clips of 360 play and would like all the chatter to come through the TV too so I can record it as well. It's obvious how to make other peoples' voices come through (settings/preferences/voice/play through both), but it's less obvious how to make your own also play through...
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    What's up with the headsets?

    I haven't really played the PS3 much online, less with a headset, but with the launch of Killzone 2 I've been giving it a go and have gone through 3 different headsets (including the official one) - wtf is up with that racket? It borders on unplayable with the headset on, just sounds like a...