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    games remade for the ps4

    what games would you like remade for the playstation 4? Metal gear solid 1 remake would be nice...
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    trading or selling your ps3

    Are you trading or selling your ps3 before next gen ps4 or just keeping ps3?:p for the PS4
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    which site do you buy your games from?

    i was wondering, there is alot of great games coming is there any gaming sites that ships games way early? i didnt know where to put this lol. i'm kind of new to internet buying and just kind of tired of standing outside of my gamestore at midnight,:D
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    november 8th GTAV game informer

    Im so glad this game is getting a release date soon!
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    GTA5; investors meeting tomorrow

    im ready for GTAV, hopefully they decide to show another trailer, i doubt there ready for a release date.
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    Rumour: Fansite outs second GTA V trailer

    Rumour: Fansite outs second GTA V trailer within next two weeks, another CV mentions October launch
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    Rumor – Black Ops 2 reveal coming in two weeks

    sorry i forgot we has a call of duty section please move this, wasnt thinking right
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    playstation code breaker where can i get it?

    does anyone know where i can get it from thats not an insane price, on amazon they want it for 144.00 lol . i might check another game store in the mall, but doubt they will have it.
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    streaming music on cam site need help

    im trying to use adobe flash media encoder 3 to stream music. do i need anything else? needs help, even if its what you use thanks if you help :eek:
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    red dead redmption double xp

    hey guys, do you know where i can find out before the do double xp weekends? its' not on there site
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    fast six and 7 confirmed by vin diesel
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    the vet and nobb live action mw3 trailer sourc
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    very funny craigslist ad for MW3

    i was going to look up some nes games on craiglist and found this ad near my city it;s hillarious! sorry. not posting this ad either because it hast the number. who would buy a game for that much. or maybe they mean 90.00 lol :snicker PS3 MW3 CALL OF DUTY UNOPENED - $900.00 WOW EARLY...
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    MW3 Midnight release are you going???

    So seven daysto the midnight release, really i'm not counting monday for some reason. I'm going to go around 7:30 and get stuff and be there at 8:00 p.m. Last year for black ops we had a line from gamestop down past the walmart doors. They give alot of stuff away at my gamestop even...
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    batman official hype launch trailer

    i'm so hyped for this game!!!!
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    anyone selling black ops to get mw3?

    i'm thinking about selling my harden edition to get some money to help out buying, MW3 anyone else thinking of doing this?
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    Modern Warfare 3 SP shown in stunning Redemption trailer
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    robin arkham city dlc commercial

    Batman: Arkham City ad shows Robin gameplay[/h] A Gamestop ad showing off the retailer’s pre-order bonus DLC gives us a glimpse of Robin in action in Batman: Arkham City. Robin is being offered as bonus content at several retailers across multiple territories – in the US...
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    Batman: Arkham City receives perfect score in world’s first review

    The first official review of Batman: Arkham City has been published, awarding Rocksteady’s latest effort a flawless rating. Appearing in the pages of Official PlayStation Magazine Australia, the magazine awarded the eagerly anticipated title full marks with a score of ten out of ten...