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    XBox One Titanfall Bundle discounted to $450 at major retailers That's more than $100 off the price of the console and game. Awesome deal!
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    Technical question regarding eSRAM

    There has been a ton of FUD about the difficulty of utilizing the eSRAM on the XB1. Can someone explain to me how developers who were completely comfortable with the eDRAM on the 360 and often spoke about the huge advantage it was are now supposedly struggling terribly with the eSRAM on the...
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    Using the power of the cloud....

    I have an honest question about the cloud processing claims for the One. I will start by saying that I don’t believe it till they show me. Just claiming it is not good enough for me. I do not, however, see any reason to dismiss the possibility of cloud processing adding a lot to games. In...
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    An alternate view on the Xbox One

    I have an alternate view on the Xbox One to offer. I think the vast majority of the haters just don’t get what the Xbox One is all about. Or maybe they just refuse to get it. First of all, let’s talk DRM. I have a hard time seeing anything here that is that big a deal if you look at it...
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    Xbox One to support trade in and and resale of used games. So can we put this one to bed until we actually know something concrete?
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    PSP accessories will not work with PSP Go

    This makes it a lot harder for existing PSP users to justify an upgrade.
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    Lack of competition sends Blu-ray player prices upward

    Looks like the pricing fears that some of us had after the collapse of HD DVD had some merit.
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    Question about Sony "exclusive" games.

    First of all, this is not really a slam at Sony. I think that their presentation was very good. My only issue is that there were a few times that they made statements that I can't see as being in any way accurate. This leads me to question their overall veracity. The largest and most...
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    Microsoft did NOT give Take Two $50 million for GTA content.

    Well, they kind of did, but it was a loan. MS advanced them them the money based on projected sales of the content. If they don't make that much they owe MS the balance. This makes a whole lot more sense than paying $50 million for expansion packs...
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    10 MORE Reasons Why HD-DVD Formats Have Already Failed (Both Blu-Ray and HD DVD)

    My biggest fear is that this guy may be right. I currently have an HD DVD player, but I really don't care which one wins. I just want one to be mainstream. I got HD DVD to be my cheap stop gap measure while I wait for a winner, but if BR is the clear winner, I will be just as happy. In my...
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    Sony New Zealand giving away PS3s

    Sony New Zealand giving away PS3s with the purchase of a 50, 60, or 70 inch SXRD Bravias. Great deal! I believe there are some members here from New Zealand. Am I right?
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    Top Porn Producer Shifts Loyalty from Blu-ray to HD DVD

    I personally don't think that porn support will play as big of a role as it did with Beta vs. DVD, but for those who have argued otherwise, this is interesting.