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    Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

    A Discord sounds like a great idea! It would definitely make it more focused.
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    Where are all the old members from 2006-2008 gone?

    Yeah this forum used to be my main source of gaming news/discussions back in the day! I like to browse around here once in a while for nostalgias sake. Unfortunately forums aren’t really that popular anymore and have been superseded by the likes Reddit and Discord! But this place will always...
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement

    Its been ages since I visited the forums non the less posted here but the toxicity is the biggest I've ever seen! This used to be my default place fro PS related news... Pathetic comments from both camps...
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    Game(s) you'd love to re-experience for the first time?

    I was playing MGS the other day and couldn't help but get that nostalgic feeling while doing so. I kept wishing I could re-experience this game for the first time again. I spent like half a day reminiscing those epic moments :) Same thing happend with FFX a while ago hehe. So what games do...
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    Cerny: PS4 devs will get more out of the hardware in 'year three or four'

    Pretty obvious but still an interesting read :)
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    Rumour: PS4 to be called omni

    It seems Sony are working on something called the omniviewer to. The article mentions the other next-gen systems to, they also mention that the next xbox will be 2-3 times more powerfull then the PS4...
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    PS4 and next xboxcould produce avatar like graphics Would be awsome if possible :) but then again benchmarks like these are always set before a new gen, I remeber someone claiming PS2 will be able to produce toy story 2 visuals before...
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    Uncharted series ships over 14 million units Good sales, what do you think?
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    Epic "Pushing" platform holders I don't see how Apple will go right past them unless they decide to enter the console business.
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    God of war IV teaser? Don't know if it's just some fan made stuff but it looks real :D
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    Should I get a 360?

    I've been thinking about getting a 360 for quite some time now and I can get one fairly cheap but is it worth it getting one this late considering we might see a next Xbox or PS soon. There are just some 360 franchises I've always wanted to play like Gears, Halo, lost odyssey etc..
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    First Mass effect 3 review Looking good, cant march 9 come sooner :D
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    Vita sold 40k, its second full week

    It's certainly isn't doing all that well but it's still early. Like several members have said before the 3ds wasn't doing that well either during it's first weeks so it's still to early to talk about failure. Sent from my R800i using Tapatalk
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    Golden Abyss gameplay videos

    By the look of these videos the touch controls are well integrated in the gameplay.
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    Sony in Big Trouble With PS Vita

    It's funny seeing people complain about the price when PRICE was one of the major aspects of the VITA gamers were hailing when Sony announced it.
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    New DMC gameplay clip

    My interest for this one is slowly growing :D
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    PS Vita User Interface much faster than the XMB!

    I want it, now :d I was planing on buying a PSP earlier this year but hesitated because of the VITA. btw has Sony released any info on whether the VITA will support PSP games?
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    Uncharted graphical comparision

    We all know U3 is graphically amazing but how does it compare to it's predecessors. I think the most obvious difference is between Uncharted and Uncharted 2.
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    Excellent PS Vita INTERVIEW!!!Covers almost all our Questions and doubts.

    You could have bolded the questions to make it easier to read, but still nice find.
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    Teaser site for new game Hmm anybody got a good guess ? :D