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    No Browser Functionality Without The Day One Update On PS4 and More
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    Increase in PSN friends list now live
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    New PS4 User Interface Image Showing Notification Section, Message Window And More
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    PS4 New Details: Library Mode, Fast and Fluid Interface, Game Menus and More
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    PS4: Blue Line On Console Is Light, Changes Colors confirms Yoshida This sounds pretty cool.
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    What’s in the Box: Sony Releases Final PS4 Spec Sheet
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    Sony Talks How They Took “the Good Parts of the” Xbox 360 Controller to Help Shape th

    The title was to big to fit.
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    Does Sony have advantage in releasing PS4 before Xbox One? I would say no...
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    A feature they should add to the PS3

    If I'm trying to send the same message to 10 people I have to keep copying and pasting the message an resend.. Sony should add the ability to send the same message to multiple people on your friends list..
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    PlayStation loyalty remains in face of PSN outage I thought I'd post something positive about outage since everything has been negative..
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    Has anyone else have this problem on GT Life

    My first problem is an install prolblem.. When trying to install the game in the utility section the bar that's letting you know how long you have until its done only fills halfway.. An that's after trying to install for 4+ hrs.. My second problem is when playing certain races in the single...
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    NGP Is “Dead On Arrival” – Neil Young

    That statement by Neil Young is just laughable.. I bet Neil Young buys an NGP.. It is an fanboy rant.. There are Sony fans all around the world who state other wise about the NGP.. I think there's more than enough market share for all 3 companies to do well.. Just like with the PS3 all the Sony...
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    Playstation Portable 2 - Will you buy one?

    Both hadhelds will do well in sales.. This E3 is the year of the handheld games.. It should be very fun to watch between Sony and nintendo.. I want both but I'll get the PSP2 first.. This is a win win for gamers..
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    BF Bad Company 3 fans- What you think they should add thread

    -More classes -You should be able to have a 3rd spec to the weapon section so we can equip more gun attachments -More maps at launch -6 player squads instead of 4 -Squad leader Mic support would be awesome -charater customization -Airplane support(similar to BF1943) -More buildings more...
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    Anicent Alien- Has anyone watched it before

    I just want to know what people think about the show.. I know one thing it makes you think about the human race and if we were influence by aliens..
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    What's your button layout for MT driving

    Just curious because if anyone is having trouble finding a comfortable way of driving with MT driving I have a good button layout that make it easier to use MT driving settings.. R2=accelerate R1=shift down L1=shift up R3 push up to brake so you can down shift faster to go around corners..
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    Did Sony change the way they send out beta invites

    Did you get your KZ3 beta invite through email? Because something interesting happen to me yesterday while I was playing MW2.. I was in a match an all of a sudden a message pop up in the corner of the screen saying [Killzone3Beta] (Just like that). So at the time in my mind I was thinking it...