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    Buying from Hong Kong

    A friend wants a pink PSP slim which isn't available in this country (uk) and i'm not sure when they are due to come. She has found one on Ebay, which comes from Hong Kong (I believe it says region 3 on the box). It will save around £20 and she has had some feedback that PAL games should work...
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    Dirt crash damage

    I think Codemasters need to review Dirts crash damage (joking) because this car should not be running. Not to mention the driver would have lost his legs. Had me in stitches watching the replay back.
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    Headset question

    Ok i have bought a headset from play. A TalkSmart Pro 2 for £9.99 and from i have seen so far it seems to work without disconnecting controller etc. My question is; are you supposed to be able to hear anything through the headset? I have only played Motorstorm so far. I mumbled a few words...
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    I'm joining the 1080p revolution

    Bought my 37" Tosh last december and although it is very good, occasionally it has problems. Perhaps once or twice a week faint lines appear across the screen. The solution is simple, i just turn the tv off and on again. It doesn't bother me too much but i let Toshiba know about it and they...
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    Thinking of getting a keyboard

    Thinking of getting a cheap keyboard for the PS3, for linux etc. I have a wireless MS job at the moment but saw this one which has the built in touch pad as well: Anyone bought one of these or have a better suggestion? I'm assuming that...