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  1. Bitbydeath

    Scream Queens Renewed for a Second Season

    Best new show of 2015, just came out of nowhere. If you haven't watched the first then check it out cause you'll be in for one hell of a wild ride.
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    Alan Rickman has died of cancer

    Da fuq is wrong wit u 2016!?
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    What are you looking forward to? (2016 Edition)

    Created one of these last year and whilst George R Martin still hasn't released Winds of Winter and Blink182 had another fallout which pushed their new album back 2015 was still alright. So what are you all looking forward to this year, not just entertainment wise but anything in general...
  4. Bitbydeath

    Can iOS be installed on a regular PC?

    I've had enough of Windows and want to switch to Mac because Windows is just too slow. I have El Capitan on my work Mac (which is less powerful than my home PC) and it loads up in about 5 seconds. It is amazingly fast and loads up a ton of apps at the same time, I recently switched to Windows...
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    Best songs of 2015

    As the year is coming to a close, what new songs did you love this year? Will kick off with a sad one: Jamie Lawson - Wasn't expecting that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What BIG Exclusives Are Coming Out Next Year?

    Let me know if i'm missing any other BIG exclusives, I've purposely left off a few like DayZ, Drawn to Death, Alienation, Let it Die etc as I was not sure if the caliber is as high as the others mentioned below. Furthermore what are you buying? 1st Party Dreams Gran Turismo Sport Gravity...
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    PSX Dream Announcements

    PSX is less than two weeks away, what do you hope to see announced? Three which I think are very likely to happen- BC PS1/2 full announcement Playstation VR priced God of War 4 Dream announcements- Warhawk Remaster (I'll never let this go) Kojima Acquisition/working with Kojima to bring...
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    Tesla Suit - Will let you feel in VR

    This is one of those OH SHIT future moments isn't it. More at the link-
  9. Bitbydeath

    Scream (The Series) Rebooted

    Probably for the best, it did get better if you stayed with it but overall still felt very low budget.
  10. Bitbydeath

    Is this the best action scene ever made? Post a better one if you can but I find it hard to imagine a better one than this.
  11. Bitbydeath

    Wild on PS4 is an Open-World Game with Startling Possibility

    Probably won't see it til 2017 but I can't wait.
  12. Bitbydeath

    Bloodborne or Dying Light?

    Which is better? I'm tempted to get both but I have such a huge backlog of games I don't know when I'd ever get around to them, so which is the better game? Reason for purchase is the Halloween sale which ends next week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Bitbydeath

    PSVR has help to perform at 120FPS (not only PS4 at work)

    I don't know if I just haven't been paying close enough attention but this is certainly news to me. Am I just out of the loop or has this never been mentioned before?
  14. Bitbydeath

    PS4 Price dropped in Europe

    Paris Game Show come early.
  15. Bitbydeath

    Scientists : It's either aliens or a swarm of comets

    More in the link but this is the crux of it.
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    Until Dawn Sales “Surpassed Expectations,” Already Talking A Sequel

    This game went above and beyond expectations, glad it sold so well. UD is easily my GOTY.
  17. Bitbydeath

    VR to replace local co-op experience?

    As we all know couch co-op is dying, few devs put it into their games and it is just sad. If anything can bring back the feeling of having mates playing right their with you imma guess it will be VR, what you all think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PS VR: 'Unit will be priced as a new gaming platform' If Activision could bring this over just like it is in the video then that'd really drive sales.
  19. Bitbydeath

    Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to your machine 'just in case'

    Da fuq?
  20. Bitbydeath

    Are TV Shows taking over Movies in terms of popularity?

    I know they already have for me, but it looks like more movies are being made into TV shows all the time. I think it started way back in the 90's with the popularity of Sopranos and has since skyrocketed with the likes of Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones etc. Given the length per...