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  1. Scotracer

    Self-indulgant look on the descent from evolution

    This is a piece I wrote about 6 months ago. It is more a ramble (editing is a rather laborious process) than anything at the moment but I'd like to share it with the forum. My posting of this is inspired by the [wonderful] interest the universe thread has gotten and hopefully we can have another...
  2. Scotracer

    Home is delayed - technical problems

    Didn't see this posted (surprised about that)
  3. Scotracer

    Rockband 2 coming to Europe in November Does anyone know if the Rockband 1 hardware will be fully compatible?
  4. Scotracer

    Call of Duty: World at War PC AND Xbox 360 code giveaway Good luck everyone!
  5. Scotracer

    LittleBigPlanet servers are go! Everyone go post your craziest stuff!
  6. Scotracer

    Official Gears of War 2 trailer now live!

    Click here to see the video!
  7. Scotracer

    Top 5 contenders for Game of the Year

    For the rest of the Top 5, click the link: Do you agree? I think it's pretty obvious what WILL be GOTY this year.
  8. Scotracer

    Still looking for a Call of Duty: World at War beta code?

    That's right, we have ANOTHER competition giveaway :cool: Good luck - this will probably be our last giveaway for this Beta.
  9. Scotracer

    MORE Call of Duty: World at War beta codes!

    That's right! We have more beta codes over at Daily Joystick. So, if you missed our last giveaway, you have no reason not to this time around...
  10. Scotracer

    Call of Duty: World at War beta giveaway!

    Hi guys, just here to let you know my site has a couple of beta codes to giveaway for those who haven't managed to get one so far: Good luck...
  11. Scotracer

    Call of Duty: World at War beta impressions

    Rest after the jump Damn the game is awesome, I am having a ball with the beta :cool:
  12. Scotracer

    Halo 3: Recon Q&A

    More info after the jump (the article is very long so I'm not quoting the whole thing!)
  13. Scotracer

    Download Full Spectrum Warrior for free!

    I'm surprised no one else has posted this (gamers are definetely ones for freebies!): Download link after the jump: Download Full Spectrum Warrior for free! Everyone who has a PC has no excuse not to download this!
  14. Scotracer

    Get Buzz! Master quiz for free!

    From Dailyjoystick: Good luck everyone!
  15. Scotracer

    Rumour: Home to launch with LBP?

    Rumour: Home to launch with LBP? - Daily Joystick Well this would be a major coup for Sony as the two games sort of are the same thing with different implementation. That would be a epic win for them. If true: Well done Sony, you finally did something right!
  16. Scotracer

    Daily Joystick reviews Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

    Daily Joystick I really never got into these games (mainly because my 360 didn't have Hexis HD on it when I got it :suspect: ) but it does look pretty damn good, in art direction and gameplay. I may have to pick this one up.
  17. Scotracer

    Editorial: The Grand Theft Auto effect

    Daily Joystick It may have been out for a long time but this article is a good read.
  18. Scotracer

    Ripskin - check us out!

    Just thought I'd get the word out for this band I am a song writer for them and wrote several of their current songs. On Myspace I've written The Avoided Truth and many more that are in production. Please, add us as friends and spread the word...
  19. Scotracer

    Hay-fever *blarg*

    Dammit. Hay-fever sucks. Anyone else got it? If anyone from the UK has it, have you noticed it's been really bad this year? I was down in the Midlands 2 weeks ago and I could barely breathe! If you do have it, what anti-histamines do you use? My mum is a pharmacist so she erm..."borrows" some...
  20. Scotracer

    Rant: The future/state of F1

    Formula 1 has for the past 50 years been the epitome of speed, glamour and excitement in the world of sport. It has held its head high as the technical masterpiece that it was. Through F1 alone we have seen a number of life-saving devises being developed; from ABS to traction control to...