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    Did y'all know that you can play the Vita with the DS4?

    Uh Omar when I want to game of there is anyone using the tv they get kicked out! :) Sent from 2000ft under the crust
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    Did y'all know that you can play the Vita with the DS4?

    Vita is a portable system. Doesn't it defeat that purpose if you need to carry around ds4 controller? And why would you ever want to downgrade the screen size that much when you can play that ps4 game on a larger screen? With your intended....? Lol Sent from 2000ft under the crust
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    Merry Christmas! Or maybe not?

    It doesn't feel like Christmas Eve. It's sunny, warm and not a single snowflake to see. How can Santa ride his sleigh with no snow? This I well and truly do not know. There are children, laughing, playing on their bicycles, how can this be? At least there are cookies baking and they smell good...
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    So I got all of the Batman games for free today

    Source: That was unexpected. I logged onto to Steam and found all of the games waiting for me. The thing is I got a free copy of Arkham Knight because I bought a particular graphics card...
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    [OPINION] Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta/CoD series

    tl;dr I like it but don't buy it if you don't like CoD, same as usual, with a few tweaks. Full impressions. Well I'm having fun anyway. This is coming from someone who hasn't played a CoD since BO2. I had brief playing time with Advanced Warfare on a free weekend, but not enough play time...
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    Too many hobbies!

    Games to play, books to read, movies to watch, places to go, skills to learn. Do you ever feel like there are just too many things you're interested in? I'll be playing a game let's say and I'm enjoying it and everything but I come to point when I just stop. I see something else I want to play...
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    Killing Floor 2 Early Access starts April 21st

    So that is about two weeks away and I will be pre-ordering this. If anybody else is then I'd like to add you on Steam. I didn't think there would be anything this soon but this is exciting! Some nice gameplay:
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    Digimon Cyber Sleuth new screens

    I didn't thing digimon even existed anymore. I remember watching that when I was in a elementary school.
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    Is anyone else watching this? It's kept me interested and I like the personality these characters have. I have never watched the movie so any references to it I miss but there's clever writing here nonetheless.
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    'Heartbleed' password hacking

    Not that I have any super sensitive information on this site but there is an exploit that I heard about on the news today that will force a lot of people to change passwords for websites. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if PSU has been affected, when a fix will happen and whether...
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    Ace Combat Infinity Beta

    So it started today and the game is free when it releases anyway but anybody download it? Played a few matches online and I'm pretty happy with it. You can customize parts on the aircraft which is nice if you want to make your favorite jet even better. Most importantly there's no more of that...
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    I have a virus I can't get rid of

    I've got some kind of adware or something on my computer. I keep getting random words on websites highlighted in green. If I click on them I get taken to random websites. When I open a new tab I get redirected to random site then as well. I also have ads popping up on websites. Even after a...
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    Ace Combat Infinity - Anyone getting it?

    I know this game is mostly likely going to be drowned out by the PS4 and all but it's free to play. Is anyone here a fan because I love my AC. Source:
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    Don't Starve

    Anyone else trying this? It's in beta right now. I'll liking it but I haven't made in past day 10 in three tries. Now that I'm more used to how things work and what I need it's better. I need to set up a good base but that has proven difficult.
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    Plans for next gen?

    Are you getting a PS4 right away? Play a backlog of games on your PS3 first? Same with the new Xbox, going to get it right away or not yet? Getting both on release day? Do you suddenly hate video games and won't buy a new console? I'm holding off for a while whenever new consoles come. I have a...
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    Remember way back when... looked like this? This is in 2008 when I first joined. And back then it wasn't is was I remember I posted for a while and then was gone for 5 or 6 months. I go back to type in and the browser tells me it doesn't exist anymore and redirects me to...
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    Getting directed to another site

    I went on to PSU just now and the site comes up but if I don't quickly click on something to go to another page I get redirected here...
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    Help with ideas for history paper

    What my professor is looking for is small stories. What I mean is not writing about WW2 but getting specific and write about something like Project Valkyrie. Which was german officers conspiring against Hitler to kill him(basically). I was not sure if people here would know of little stories...
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    Vampires found

    [URL=""] It's interesting the things people used to believe. And then the things they would do to this so called 'vampires'.
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    My xbox is acting a little funny

    Lately its been acting a little odd. I have put ghost recon in to play and a few times its said I've put in an unrecognized disk. After a second and one time a third try the game plays ok. But then today I'm playing mass effect 3 and the game suddenly freezes. No buttons I press made any...