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    My room is over heating due to all my electronics, can anyone help?

    Ok, I need someone that can help me with my boiler room. My gaming room is a typical small bedroom. I have my Samsung 650 46" LCD, Xbox 360, PS3, Yamaha 660 series receiver and 5.1 surround, and Comcast box. When all that is on and running, my room becomes rediculously hot. I turn on my...
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    How are you celebrating Modern Warfare 2?

    I noticed I had some extra vacation days at my job. So I am taking the entire week off to play. Monday to prep for the madness, and the rest of the week to play as much MW2 as possible. I can't wait. 6 solid days of playing before the next Monday hits. I have never been more excited!
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    Why doesnt anyone play as a team?

    I just dont get it. All games these days; killzone 2, call of duty 4 and 5, and metal gear solid 4, they all promote team playing but no one does it. Is everyone out there just a selfish a-hole. Do you not know if you play together, you will win everytime. I myself love search and destroy...
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    Too many perks in mw2?

    Is anyone worried that this is just going to be a perkfest. It is rewarding the unskilled players by just upgrading and picking these insane perks that allow them to play better. The skill of this game is getting less and less. The only skill based mode is search and destroy anyways. I am...
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    Does anyone play nazi zombies verrukt?

    I freaking love this game. It is one of the most heavily based coop and team working games. But why the hell is no one ever on it? I get home from work and try to play with others, and my screen just sits there saying waiting for other players. Even now on a saturday with 6,000 people...
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    Changing my PSN name?

    I want to change my PSN name, but will have that effect my online games at all. I have a Call of Duty 5 account and am level 65. If I change my name so on some newer games its different, will that have any effect? Should I just keep it the same?
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    Is Rock Band 2 Double Pedal Possible?

    This question goes out to all the crazy geek gamers and technicians. Now that I bought Rock Band 2 drum kit and still have my old one, is there a way to rewire the two kits together so I can create a double pedal? It may not be possible, but if you could have a double pedal, that would make...
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    120 HZ frame rate T.V.'s or not?

    So my question is for all the people that have newer TV's with 120 HZ on them. IS IT WORTH IT? I work at best buy and love looking at all the new TV's. My new want is Samsungs new 650 series. I really want it in a 46". Anyways, does it help out games is my question. I think on low, it makes...
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    Problems with 5.1 surround sound?

    Does anyone else have problems with their surround sound. The sound only comes out of my front two speakers and not my rear ones. I know my system works cause all speakers work on my PS3 and on another friends 360. An optical cable wont even work all I can hear is the front sound. The guy at...
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    PS3 or 360 for Guitar Hero 3 and Rockband?

    So what is everyone doing? I have both machines and dont know which one is better? I assume that the downloadable content will be cheaper with sony versus microsoft and I know that with Rock band you dont get a wireless guitar. What do you guys think?
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    guitar hero 1 or 2 modification question

    I know you can hack your modded ps2 to be able to put in your own songs on guitar hero. You can find it on But I want to ask all those people that have done it, is it worth it? Is it that hard to actually do it? And is the outcome as in sync as a regular song, or does it sound...
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    Tiger Woods PGA Tour question

    So is there a way to redo a tournament? I just started playing and I am awful. So ofcourse I bombed my first tournament. But what I didnt know is that your score carries over. Is that right? Like on my second tournament I still have my crap score from before. I dont want that score to stay...
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    Any Chance of Catching a Virus??

    With all these capabilities to surf the net on my PS3, is there any way I can get a virus. Can I get norton or some antivirus software downloaded onto it?
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    Wireless Problems

    Has anyone had any trouble setting up the wireless internet? It talks about a WLAN security and a WEP key I have to have. What the heck are those. I dont understand what it wants. I keep having to bring my comcast box from the other room back and forth to use it. Help please.
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    Tennessee Thread

    All murfreesboro area walmarts are full within a 25 mile radius. The only places are far out country areas, and thats a maybe.
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    Ebay- Sell now or sell later?

    Question for all you ebay professionals I was wondering if it was better to sell my preorder now, they are going for like 1300 on ebay, or wait till the 17 when I have the system and demand is greater since all stores will be sold out. I just want a better profit. I also dont want to wait to...
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    Can my TV handle the PS3

    OK I want the PS3 so bad. I'm saving up and am gonna plop down the 600 for it. But do I have to throw in another 1K for a new TV. I dont understand all the technology that well and arnt sure if my TV can handle it. Do I have to have a HD or plasma just to enjoy the PS3??