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    Petition to stop Uwe Boll from making game movies!

    Uwe Boll, destroyer of gaming movies, has recently said that he would stop making video game movies if a petition was made with a million signatures. Sadly, once that petition was made he realized he might soon be out of a job, and ammended his statement, no saying that he would subtract the...
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    Am i retarded or what?

    Why the hell can I not see the multiplayer portion of GTA IV? I have no idea how to get into it... Any help?
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    Dog the Bounty Hunter / and a Rant about black pop culture

    So maybe I'm more racist than I thought... if so, let me know. Anyways, a man with Dog's background gets so much crap for saying the n' word, and it absolutely appalls me. Imus is one thing, but Dog? Here is how I feel. A black person can say the n word. 99% of the time this is no...
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    Do any stores do a no-receipt return for video games?

    I bought a game from Target a while ago, as a gift, and it turned out that the person I was giving it to sort of fell off the planet. I lost my receipt, and unfortunately paid in cash for it (so Target can't look up the receipt). Also, it is unopened, and looks totally new, cause it is new...
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    20 things that MUST be changed in Halo 3 before its release

    After playing the beta for a few weeks, I have found some things that I personally think need to be changed. The majority of these are gameplay related, I could have made a list to 100 if I had included things like "there should be a no-scope medal" (which, there should be btw) but this is...
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    My opinion on the Halo 3 beta so far.

    Ok, so I just want to give my opinion on the beta since I'm playing it and I know some of you haven't gotten a chance but want to hear good things. First off, the game plays like Halo:CE more than Halo 2, which is a very good thing. The equipment changes gameplay a little, but less than you...
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    What is the best software to RIP and watermark a DVD?

    Just been looking around the last couple of days and I can't really find anything that actually works, lol, so I thought I'd ask if you guys have any preference.
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    Anyone here have Chronic Pain?

    I've been dealing with chronic pain for about 1 1/2 years now, and its finally starting to get bad enough that I'm going to seriously go to the doctors about it. I've been a few times, but always for other stuff, and just mentioned the pain on a side note. I just don't really know how to deal...
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    So you should all check out my new avatar cause it rocks!

    Boondock Saints is the best. If you haven't seen it, you really, really, really, really need to. Yes, its that good. Dark humor, action, and yes some death, but its an amazing movie.
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    New Halo 2 Maps Revealed. Hang em' High anyone!?

    Check out Yeah I'm not going to lie, I might download this. I said I wouldn't pay money for it anymore since I don't even play Halo 2, but with a remake of Hang em High I don't think I can resist. Now the only question is, why did it take so long?
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    300, and historical accuracy.

    Ok, so I have been a huge fan of the story since I read about it in my World History class all those years ago... well, 4 years ago. Anyways though, I have loved the topic of the Battle of Thermopylae and have been waiting for a movie to come out for a while. For a number of years, I thought...
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    So whats is up with Bungie, and where is all the news?

    I know they have been releasing stuff about Halo 3 every 2 weeks or so, but its getting close to spring time, and we know nothing. I would imagine all gameplay features will be in the beta, along with a few maps... so why aren't they starting to show us stuff? Not that I imagine they would do...
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    Cool Halo 300 spoof trailer

    Its a mixture of the movie 300 and Halo. Pretty damn good if you ask me. Enjoy! Clicky
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    Anyone know of any good Halo 3 forums?

    And please don't suggest They are the biggest retards in the world. Sorry, i just don't feel like signing up for 20 before I find one good one.
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    Tommorow bungie will post a Beta FAQ, along with info on the X button!

    This isn't officially posted, but through some small amounts of research I found that Bungie is going to release a beta FAQ tomorrow. First I saw this: Now, KP is also know as KPaul on, and he does a lot of the community stuff...
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    Bioware Adopts SpeedTree company-wide This is great news, eventhough I doubt it will affect Mass Effect at all. Anything that cuts down development time, but still gives you amazing quality is great. I loved SpeedTree and how it was used in Oblivion, and...
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    Bungie sends out e-mails for Rule of 3 Acceptance

    Check out the Sticky at WOOT! I GOT IN! This should be a copy of the e-mail I recieved. If not, let me know so I can fix it Sorry for the over doing it a little (ok, a lot) but I'm happy. I have a chance of putting my many many ideas into Halo 3. Many of those idea's you have seen...
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    Halo 3 Beta... Are you in? Have you done your 3 hours?

    Just wondering if anyone is in, and who they are. Let us know how you are getting in. I didn't get accepted the first go around, and didn't want to play 3 hours... So I had my little brother play my three hours on his account. I just skipped every 3 or 4 games with him so I got to play a little...
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    Mass Effect DATED by for Australia?

    Yep, thats right, dated in Australia on the website! May 18? Holy crap I wasn't expecting it that soon, I was thinking July or something... My girlfriend might not even see me for her B-day if it comes out on...
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    My Thoughts On How the Halo 3 Rank System Should Work v 2.0

    This is long, so beware! lol So, what do you guys think? Anything you would change? This is my first draft, but I think its pretty well reasoned out.