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    PS3 Yellow Light Question

    I turned yesterday my PS3, and after 10 min of playing my PS3 turned off and The red light started blinking. ( yes, my PS3 is well aired) after 5 min i turned it on back and gave me the green light, but nothing appeared on tv, and after 1 min yellow light then blinking red light. any ideas
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    PS+ Question!!

    I'm going to buy a 1 years of PS+ Europe soon, So I wanna know two things if that possible. 1- i just read in the main PSU page, that 5 new games are coming to Europe PS+ next months and 5 current games will be leaving. So i wanna know if i downloaded BattleField 3 and the other games that...
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    Looking for PSN Friends

    Hello, i'm currently looking for new PSN friends from all over the world (I'm from Morocco). I play CallOfDuty Black opps2 / StarHawk /WarHawk /Uncharted 3/ Killzone3 / GT5 / Battle Field bad comapny 2/ GTA4 ...... . So if anyone is intresetd, please add me my PSN ID DevilSummonerZ , or leave...
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    PSN Store question

    I have a french PSN account, because i live in France right now. But i wanna know If the games that i will download from the fench PSN store will be in English or only in French. + I Have Skyrim U.K version and i wanna know if i downloaded Skyrim DLC from the French PSN accont will it work.
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    CallOfDutly BLACK OPPS 2 MULT lge

    is call of duty black ops 2 .....multi language for europe thx
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    Skyrim Multi lge psn store

    Hey....i currently living at spain, and i made a spanish PSN account so i can buy games and DLC from the PSN store. So i wanna know,if Skyrim upcoming DLC for PS3 will be in MULTi lge for all Europ, or only in spanish for Spain PSN Store ( cuz when i tryed to buy skyrim in spain i found it only...
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    PSN Store

    Hey all I have a psn account in spain....and i wanna know .....if i download a game from it will it be in spanish or will the language will set automticly to english (lang setting of my ps3 is English).
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    PSN Friends

    I'm curently playing Online GT5, StarHawk, killzone3 collector's edition,wipe out HD and fury, and Uncharted3. So if u playing any of these games online... add me (Abdesalam) or leave ur PSN ID and i will add ya ...THX.
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    StarHawk players

    anyone who has starhawk add me upp so we can ply together (former WarHawk plyer)
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    PS Store history

    I wanna know if i upgraded my ps3 hard drive...... will u lose all my PS Store downloads history (games i bought....):confused:
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    Help plz PS3 upgrade !!

    i tryed to backup my ps3 data (setting--- backup data), but i found i need 32GB of free space to do that, knowing that i only have a 8 gb flash drive.... So i wanna know what kind of data my ps3 backup (games-music-movies-saveddata......what!) I only have these games in my hard drive...
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    Skyrim plyers

    If any one currently playing skyrim...plz aDD me........ so we can help each other in skyrim '' clues, locations,how to survive..... " (PSN ID: Abdesalam)
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    Hard Drive..Help needed

    I have the 60Gb PS3. I got it IN 2007, and i wanna upgride it with the.......Seagate Momentus 5400.6 ST9500325AS 500GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive So i wanna know if this hard drive will work perfectly with my 60GB PS3:confused: THX:D
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    Does anyone here still play WarHawk ?:confused:
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    Skyrim Gamers from Spain

    Is there any Skyrim owner from Spain here ..............plz rply thx:confused:
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    Is Skyrim MULT Lge in Europe

    i'm wondering if Skyrim is in MULTI Lge in Europ, cuz most games are, but some one told me that it's not PLZ RPLY THxxxxxxx
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    Skyrim PS3 Help

    I'm going to by skyrim this weekend, but i'm at sapin at the moment and i don't speak Spanish my Question is, if i bought skyrim here in Spain would it be in English
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    What about the Freeeeeeeee Games and PS++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PSN Store is back yay but i looked eveery where for the free 2 games they promised us + what about the PS+ free trailer i just coudn't find any.........................................:confused::confused::confused::confused...
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    GTA4 Online friends

    Loking for PSN friends that still play GTA4 online....... just add my add is bellow
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    PSN Friends

    I'm looking for new PSN FRIENDS...