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  1. Neil S Bolt

    Sony QA process holds back PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PS4 release

    To be honest, I think it's all decided by a dice roll.
  2. Neil S Bolt

    Sony QA process holds back PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PS4 release

    I'd really like to take a look at what constitutes quality in these Sony rule books. Consistency seems ...inconsistent. While shite like Life of Black Tiger and Planet 2000 did end up on the store, they and others like it vanished just as quick. I do wonder if there's a loophole for being on...
  3. Neil S Bolt

    Will there be any more Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games?

    Tony Hawk's needs to go back to its roots big time. Keep it simple and clean. Problem there is, Activision can't be trusted to make that happen. It'd need a cooperative effort between themselves and a passionate, invested party. The Crash Trilogy is an example of respecting what was done before...
  4. Neil S Bolt

    Need for Speed Payback free roam mode

    Well, it would make the game a good 5% less repellent, so a win somewhere in there I guess.
  5. Neil S Bolt

    Best Games of 2017 Awards by PlayStation Universe

    To clarify something about the awards voting, Persona, NieR, and Horizon in particular fought very closely in a bunch of categories. There were tie-breaks, one vote in it moments, and more. The only category Persona walked was best RPG. Also, in every category, the staff gave their own...
  6. Neil S Bolt

    The 10 best PlayStation Games of 2017

    Particularly proud the likes of Edith Finch and Yakuza 0 made it into the top 10. Edith Finch is my personal number one, and though I got Yakuza 0 late, it's deserving of recognition.
  7. Neil S Bolt

    Resident Evil 2 Remake development is running smoothly, apparently

    Y'know, they could ease fears on that development hell story a hell of a lot better if they released something of note about it. In all seriousness, it's very early days and I appreciate they aren't ready to show it to the public yet. Expectation is high, and showing too much, too early, is a...
  8. Neil S Bolt

    Ban the person above you!!

    Banned for daring to dream.
  9. Neil S Bolt

    Catherine Full Body announced for PS4 and Vita

    Absolutely seconded.
  10. Neil S Bolt

    What are your predictions for the PS5?

    Certainly not all that fussed about the power of it. but the key things it needs are a little less technical for me. Such as... A continuation of a steady stream of great games from day one, not 2-3 years in. Sony are in a great position to jump into a new gen with a healthy library. Especially...
  11. Neil S Bolt

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two' Season Finale released

    I've been saving the episodes up to play with my son over Christmas!
  12. Neil S Bolt

    Catherine Full Body announced for PS4 and Vita

    Well, a big change then. A third woman will be added to the main story. That'll be interesting to see how they rework it to fit.
  13. Neil S Bolt

    Catherine Full Body announced for PS4 and Vita

    I'd imagine it'll be a bit cleaner-looking in much the same way Persona 5 is on PS4 compared to PS3. Vita version I'd guess is on a par with the PS3 version, and hopefully utilizes a bit of touch control! If there's to be any significant change to it, I'd gladly take a more comprehensive...
  14. Neil S Bolt

    Catherine Full Body announced for PS4 and Vita

    Looking forward to revisiting the characters. Not so much some of the puzzles. A flawed gem is Catherine.
  15. Neil S Bolt

    Recommend me some VISUAL NOVELS for PS VITA

    Steins;Gate by a mile. As Tears of Ash says, Steins;Gate 0 is out too, and is equal to its predecessor.
  16. Neil S Bolt

    The Problem With 7 Days to Die.

    Wrote this up on the site after playing through 7 Days to Die for review... 7 Days to Die is Essentially a Paid Alpha, So Should it Even be on PS4? The short of it is, the game is still in an alpha state, but is currently a boxed retail game that has no mention of that fact. Now I'm not...
  17. Neil S Bolt

    Well....this was unexpected.

    It contains Enemy Within as well, which is remarkable considering it's on Vita.
  18. Neil S Bolt

    The Deus Ex Pre-Order Scheme Needs a Stealth Takedown.

    Hey folks, It's your friendly neighborhood Writer-Man. I wrote this today about why the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order scheme needs nipping in the bud, and I'd be interested to see what you feel about it...
  19. Neil S Bolt

    Favorite Games Based On Books?

    Hey all. I wrote an article for World Book Day detailing some of the more notable video games that were adapted from books... So what games that came from books (or even graphic novels if ya like) are you guys...