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    Mic Question

    I've tested the PS Pulse Headset in Settings and the Controller MIC as well and it appears I get MIC output in testing mode but it doesn't carry over into game. Is this any indication that the MIC Feature on the PS Console is having Privacy Issues or something along with it?
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    MIC Issues in game chat

    Brief Update. I tried the whole wipe saved data thing and that didn't work either. Did a full Reset on the Console. Same thing. Still not progress I'd be willing to pay something at this point to get this issue resolved
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    MIC Issues in game chat

    So, I've tried out now a Turtle Beach 600 Max Gen 2 and now the PS Pulse for PS5. I set up the dongle in the front powered on the headphones went into settings on the console set input and output audio through the headphones. Tested the Mic and it works fine then I go into game (doesn't matter...