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    Can we state websites her?

    can we share what websites we watch our anime in or is it forbidden to state it on the boards?
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    MAG or MW2

    So whos not getting MW2 to get MAG or are you getting both?
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    Grand Theft Auto 4 problem please help!

    This is the story, im in a team deathmatch right now at the start there was eight people now theres me and PSN ID:muffdestroyer we have been in the match for over an hour. At the start he was moving and trying to kill me now hes not doing nothing at all hes just standing there. I was wondering...
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    Is PSP store good?

    I believe the PSP store is good but needs more work maybe even adding movies to rent.
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    Is this funny or what?

    For those who haven't seen it yet or just agree with me.
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    Another RROD LBP level Another RROD LBP level for those who haven't seen it. Those who have dont complain.
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    Pre-odering at 7-eleven?

    Does anyone here pre-oder games from 7-eleven?
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    old video of MAG Have there been any new videos or news about the game.
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    RROD Little Big Planet Level!
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    Is SOCOM out already?

    I was wondering if i could buy it already from Bestbuy.
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    PSP how much?

    How much does the new PSP's cost because im still using my firs 1000 series PSP.
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    PSP Headset

    Can anyone show me a good headset that i can buy i need one for my PSP.
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    New Kingdome Hearts game?

    I heard there was a new Kingdome Hearts game coming out for the PSP is this true.
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    Someone help me with headset problem

    I need to find out what kind of headset it is and how to pair it with my Playstation 3.
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    Call of Duty: World at War

    Call of Duty: World at War is going to be good thats why im preordering. countdown:
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    How to create a poll?

    So yeah i need help on creating a poll for the forums some one please help me out.
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    Still watch Naruto?

    Does anyone still watch Naruto because its still preety cool and famouse i think.
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    Transformers 2?

    I cant wait for it to hit theaters, so anyone knows when it's coming out, Transformers 2 ofcourse.
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    COD4 clan name in use?

    I was wondering if KGB or MLG clan names are already in use.
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    I need a COD4 clan anyone?

    I need a clan for Call of Duty4 but i dont have the map pack so i need someone that doesn't have the map packs either.