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    What happened to Volumetric Shadow Casting?

    Volumetric shadows produce much better results, and yet they have been replaced by shadow mapping. Volumetric shadows are more scaleable without loss detail and don't have those odd pixel jaggies you currently see with shadow maps. I can understand pre-baked shadow maps being used for large...
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    How powerful is vita?

    Yeah, I definitely agree the PS3's CPU is of great help to the visuals. I didn't realize you meant the Cell BE.
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    How powerful is vita?

    Well neither the CPU of the PS3 or Vita is capable of bottlenecking the GPUs of the two. And the main RAM won't affect visuals either as all of the graphics will be handled on the GPU as any other.
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    How powerful is vita?

    What do you mean there's more to visuals than the GPU? Graphics are all handled on the GPU, no?
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    How powerful is vita?

    I didn't expect the RSX to only have a 4000 megapixel fill rate. Anyways, the 140 million vertices/sec is what gave the Vita GPU a lower megaflops rating. But the way these megaflops are measured vary so terribly bad they aren't worth acknowledging. Your attention should just be put on fill rate...
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    Sony: Vita Sells 1.2 Million Worldwide

    I don't think it will fail like the PSPGo. The Vita's success will be more comparable with the PSP product line in general so I don't think there should be any worries there.
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    Why are cell phones constantly compared to the NGP?...

    I always here these people going on about how cell phone games are apparently affected handhelds like the Vita. But the fact is that someone interested in handheld games are not exactly interested in cheap cell phone games. Not to say you can't like both, but the two are completely different...
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    Sony: Vita Sells 1.2 Million Worldwide

    True you do not worry yourselves with the short-term losses. Your eyes are always on the prize at the end.
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    Why can't MAJOR studios just port 360/PS3 titles?

    Ports would flood the Vita with unnecessary titles that (a) you had already just played on the PS3 or (b) take away from the standalone titles developed for the platform. It was hard enough for developers to have consider porting old PS2 port up to the PS3, and I can tell you the sales aren't...
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    Why China is Bad for the Global Economy China's economic strategy is forcefully monopolizing the production and manufacturing of the world's goods. If only China could be sued for misconduct of commerce, it would be all too pleasing...
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    All Things Unreal Engine 3

    I figured this thread could exist as well. That and I found an interesting video: That whole visual diagram thing looks very nice and actually reminds me a lot of Cryengine. The visual programming makes it much easier to just think in terms of logarithms...
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    Rumor: Japanese Vita developers jumping ship - Sony responds

    Developers are indeed jumping ship with NGP. There are so many to list off..wait, no one can actually list one developer?...
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    Sony sinking $50 million on Vita marketing

    That is not a very expensive campaign. And Sony is actually doing very poorly. The issue isn't that they don't have money. The issue is the fact that they have been bleeding red with much difficulty turning profits around.
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    Tales of Vesperia kind of sucks...

    Tales of Vesperia has been talked up by some as a great game. Thus I bought it to give it a try as I liked what I got put of the demo, but now I'm finding it very hard to enjoy this game for a large number of reasons. The graphics are extremely bland 95% of the time as was Blue Dragon. The...
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    Sony sinking $50 million on Vita marketing

    Wow, I read past that. I can't believe this is really their highest, lol.
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    Sony sinking $50 million on Vita marketing

    Why only $50 million?.. That is such a small amount.
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    The Vita game reviews are up at IGN

    I'll let you know when I find one ;)
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    The Vita game reviews are up at IGN

    Yeah, IGN is not a good place for checking up on game reviews.
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    PS Vita Quiz: Test Your Vita Knowledge!

    98.2% of the American populace would fail this test due to no commercials :snicker