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    2015 Spring Cup Knockout Trophy Tournament

    Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 2015 Spring Cup Knockout Trophy Tournament. I'm your host with the most, Skip Williams, with the doctor of trophinomics, Max Platinum, inviting you to join us live from the Tokyo Dome for the pre-game show. Come watch some of the best trophy hunters compete...
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    Japan Sales 07/14 - 07/21

    I agree, the Atelier games have definitely gotten a lot better during the current trilogy.
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    Japan Sales 07/14 - 07/21

    Persona 4 comes back into the top 20! That was a double-take from me when I saw it. RPGs for the win!
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    Japan Sales 06/02 - 06/08

    Considering I gave Demon Gaze an 8.5, I hope it is just as good or better. The screenshots look sweet for it.
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    God of War Collection releasing today for PS Vita

    I wonder if anyone got the game for free and got to keep it?
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    God of War Collection releasing today for PS Vita

    Yeah, I did Gazzi, you sly dog. But sadly when I was playing it for the review there were glitchy problems with them. GoW1 didn't have any ding at all, while GoW2 suddenly stopped having them ding after a while. No clue what had happened so tread carefully.
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    God of War Collection releasing today for PS Vita We gave it a 7.5/10 Great for diehard fans and trophy hunters but with wonky controls and quick time event camera issues it is a hard sell compared to the better deal Saga...
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    Tales of Hearts R coming to the West

    The Vita is looking like the JRPG machine of this generation. Don't forget, Mind=0 is coming to it as well, I had seen somewhere. I saw that game when I was in Japan and immediately I thought "Persona".
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    Conception 2 comes out Monday

    At least he asked permission instead of saying "Hey bro, I knocked up your sis to save the world. Major props."
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    Tales of Hearts R coming to the West

    Looking to be a good year for JRPG and Vita fans. Both are getting some much needed loving.
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    Conception 2 comes out Monday

    I'm down for reviewing it. Just waiting on Atlus to send out code. Its Atlus, aka Persona, so the story is what intrigues me. It shouldn't be the standard harem-esque game with them publishing it.
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    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review: captivating thriller guilty of magnificence

    I saw one of them in the series played by someone on the subway in Japan. It looked fun so I'm glad its actually good.
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    Persona 4 Vol. 2

    I'm hoping that PersonaQ game for the 3DS is that mysterious Golden 2 game and it'll come to the Vita, assuming that is even real and not faked to add to the hype train.
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    The Gaming Industry Needs Kickstarter A piece I wrote for the site. What games would you guys like to see get Kickstarted?
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    Vita PAX announcements

    Indie games are great. No restrictions over what they can accomplish.
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    PSU`s Hotline Miami Review

    Hey everyone, for anyone thinking about getting Hotline Miami check out our review of it. We love to hear your thoughts.
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    [CLOSED] Marathon Trophy Competition banner (5K and FAME! rewards)

    Hey guys, this is a big request to help kick off some forum participation and friendly competition. For those who don`t know I am running a trophy tournament at this link: I need a banner for the...
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    PSU Marathon Trophy Tournament Sign-Up Thread Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and of course the trophy whores. Welcome to the casting call for the first annual PSU Marathon Trophy Tournament. Fame and fortune will go to the victors...
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    Lasombra Files Episode 31 Hey everyone. It has come to my attention that a lot of people don`t know there is a spotlight series dedicated to interviewing contributing members of our forum community. For those that are interested in hearing the thoughts...
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    So I bought a Vita (Impressions)

    I got mine in Korea and have had zero regrets and have been loving it. Finding P4 was like a mission to find the Holy Grail when I was back home in Canada. NO WHERE had it except some random super drug store chain in Vancouver. Hope you have an easier time finding it than I did.