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    Nordschleife lap with the Corvette Z06 RM

    Not the cleanest lap, could have gone faster as well but it's decent enough time for me :) Car: Corvette Z06 (C6) RM '06 (C6.R) Track: Nurburgring Nordscleife All aids off except for ABS set to 1. Car is stock race modded and setup to FIA GT3 Specs. Power: 558 Bhp Weight: 1270 kg Tyres...
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    SuperGT 500 Lobby Open Now!

    I'm hosting a SuperGT 500 lobby now if anyone is interested in joining :) TC and Driving line are allowed, every other assist is off. You can join through the Community tab in GT5 or if you're not on my friends list you can find the lobby with this code: 14724711046798609566 ;)
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    Has anyone gotten all gold on the S.Vettel X1 Challenge?

    Has anyone gotten all gold on the S.Vettel X1 Challenge? If so, how? I've just bronzed the challenge and got myself the S.Vettel X2010, I was aiming for silver because I wanted to get a coloured one but I just couldn't get round the tracks anywhere near fast enough, I'm constantly about 3 - 5...
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    Online dealership and Seasonal Events have been updated!

    Just went on GT5 ond noticed that today the online dealership has been updated with different cars and another different coloured FGT :D and also the seasonal events ;) Just letting everyone know :)
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    Hosting a Super GT online lobby now!

    Like the title says, I'm hosting a Super GT lobby now if anyone is interested;) If you want to join the room number is: 1472-4710-9866-6905-4067 Edit: I've made a new lobby, my broadband just crapped out on me :( I've change the old room number with the new number above ;) Edit 2: Hosting...
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    Monza Race Video 12th Dec :D

    Here's a video of a race some of us here did on Monza last night, I've put in some current standings as well which will pop up every now and then ;) Don't forget to click the like button and watch in HD ;) Part 1: Part 2...
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    Change view and player online replay??

    Can you change the view and also the players when watching online replays? Reason I'm asking is that on single player you can do that, yet on this online replay I can't seem to do it :( and I'm recording a race me and some others from PSU were on earlier on monza and I was think of testing out a...
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    30 people lobbies?

    What's happened to this feature? I though we were supposed to be able to have up to 32 people in a lobby with 16 racing and 16 spectating yet only 16 people can join:(
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    Has anyone got the Formula GT?

    Has anyone here got the Formula GT yet? It hasn't even once shown up in my used car dealership yet and I keep getting mostly the same cars instead and it's doing my head in :bang: Also can you paint the Formula GT?
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    Which races give the most points?

    As the title says, which races give the most points to level up quickly? I'm currently level 21 and doing the Like the Wind - Indy race but it's not giving me many points and is taking forever to level up:( but it is giving me a fair amount of money though:):cool:
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    Anyone want to race online?

    Me and GTracerUK are online now if anyone wants to join. It's an Open Lobby with the name PSU Online and the room number is 1472-6399-9009-5381-0101 We just raced the zonda round monza and like on f1 2010 the time trial and multiplayer are different :( We're currently on Nurburgring in fiat...
  12. R pre-order stealth car codes?

    I still haven't got my codes yet :( Are we supposed to have gotten them today and has anyone recieved theirs yet?
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    Where is the nordschleife? :(

    Last night I wanted to do a lap round the nordschleife circuit but it wasn't there, all I saw was the nurburgring f and d circuits :( Do you have to unlock the track or am I just blind lol ?
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    A few new GT5 Youtube videos!!

    I just found these on youtube, fairly decent videos as well ;) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    PSU GT5 Le Mans Championship ** Winner: GTracerUK **

    Final Race: Sunday 27th February 2011 Session starts at 7:30PM GMT Race 8 Winner: GP-CiaN Championship Winner: GTracerUK Congratulation GTracerUK Championship Prizes: 1st place: RedBull X2010 Cranberry or Matte Black (You can choose ;)) 2nd place: RedBull X2010 S.Vettel 3rd place...
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    Got YLOD, Disc stuck inside :(

    Just got the YLOD while playing MW2 and now the disc is stuck inside, it's the 60 gb model, I tried the fan trick to try to force eject but that didn't work :( Is there any other way to get it out without opening it up or am I just going to have to do that? It's already out of warranty and I'm...
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    Just bought a Driving Force GT, need help

    I got it this morning and got it setup, this is my first wheel by the way. I would like some tips on using the wheel as I tried a few races with it now but I can't seem to control the car with it, everytime I go round a corner the wheel doesnt want to go where I'm turning it and car just spins...
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    How about a new section for videos?

    I think a video section would be great for the forum, we could have it for gameplays and montages. We could then easily find videos with them all being in one section. What you all think, yay or nay?
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    WTF this is weird :s (Stoy mode)

    I was just playing on campaign when this just happened, I dont know how or why it happened but its kind of weird, not seen this before. WTF is it , lol Anyone else encountered this before? I had to press the ps button to pause the game as the start button wouldnt work. YouTube- MW2 Story on...
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    Spare ModNation Racers Beta code for grabs!

    I already recieved an email with the beta and theme codes the other day and today I recieved another so I'm giving the code to the first person who replies to this thread and also PM's me :) If you want it, be quick as there seems to be a lot who want the beta. Oh and I won't give it to people...