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  1. vorian

    Halo Waypoint NXE beta is up...

    Just downloaded this app - don't know if it is up globally and it might be that I am in the NXE update beta testers that this is available for me, can someone check/confirm... First thing I noticed is the Avatar awards that you will get, I was awarded - Halo Waypoint Monitor ODST Shirt...
  2. vorian

    CCP Announces Dust 514 Console MMO **UPDATE** Have been playing Internet Spaceships for the last 4-5 months and I am having a awesome time with it. This sounds like a dream come true. Can't wait to see more! ***video update - looks very cool***...
  3. vorian

    HDMI nightmare...

    Hi, Anyone up for a bit of problem solving? Issue is - 1x Toshiba Satellite A200 w/Radeon Mobile HD2400 connected via HDMI to a 1x Denon AVR-789 connected via HDMI to a 1X Samsung Series5 1080P So, I get video(desktop/WMC/etc) from the Toshiba going through the Denon and...
  4. vorian

    Test Drive Unlimited 2

    So info for this title is starting to leak. This is from Feb this year though - but quite a lot of info there to digest. For those who are interested - The developers have listened well to the userbase by the look of these sequel...
  5. vorian

    XBLA glitch

    Heh - Live Arcade will not allow content call-ups or downloads atm ps - It looks like this weeks content is - World War Tactical Combat - looks like a mech arena game... Crazymouse - title says it all... Meteos Wars - more Meteos, at war... its all blocked up though
  6. vorian

    Left 4 Dead Co-Op Thread

    I just got L4D a couple of days early in Australia - use this thread if you want set up Co-Op runs and what not. Time/s: 7:30PM - 11:30PM Australian East Coast time nightly. Short impression - game is good so far, feels like the old Doom/Quake/CS games in pace and weapons. Runs very smooth...
  7. vorian

    Codemasters Formula 1 License is Go, Go, Go...

    This is great news - have been waiting to play an F1 title on Live for years - Can't wait - a full Grand Prix on XBL with fuel loads, pit ins and damage would be truly awesome :)
  8. vorian

    Strange XBL Message

    So I just logged on to Live and I have three messages - TW Delete Sender ----- Title Wide Delete Sender | Has anyone encountered this before? They look like they were sent only 2-3 minutes apart and all expire in an hour upon receipt. Hmmm....very weird?!?
  9. vorian

    Far Crysis - 360/PS3 incoming...

    Well with GDC coming soon, info on new tech is starting to come through - Lets hope it's not too consolfied, huh :)
  10. vorian

    Ultimate 360 Mod?

    My God - thats urrrgly....... ....look at the price tag. Have to be real keen to go that far, lol
  11. vorian

    DIRT demo up...

    ...currently at 32% Early interweb impressions are good.
  12. vorian

    New? Mass Effect video

    From G4tv - shaping up well. Nice facepaint! Check it out. EDIT: Updated link
  13. vorian

    Unreal Tournament 3 on marketplace

    A clip of UT3 is up on m/p - "Unreal Tournament III marks the return of the worlds premiere first person shooter. This is UT like you've never seen it before!" -Live blurbage. I'm not really into this type of FPS - will be interesting to see how it differs performance wise to Gears though...
  14. vorian

    Killzone: Liberation This title has really got me interested in a PSP purchase. Great graphics, art style and environments - seems to fit the PSP perfectly. Throw in the Co-Op wireless MP and you pretty much have me 'SOLD' I've seen a few second hand PSP's around for...
  15. vorian

    Australian Price (Official)

    from - I don't know if I can even muster an ouch :( 1K man??? ummm thats just not gonna fly and then to put the $649.00 Premium 360 up against the $829.00 PS3-20GB - man, I don't know what to say :roll:
  16. vorian

    DOAX2 shots...

    Looks ok - again not my cup of tea :lol: Linky-dink
  17. vorian

    MGS release list...Alan Wake exclusive??

    This has been leaked, possibly showings for E3 next week- from Teenxbox - I wonder with MS publishing Alan Wake now, will it be PC/360 exclusive?
  18. vorian

    Road To E3 - SEGA to release VT3 for 360 and PS3

    Woo-Hoo - Virtua Tennis 3 for PS3/360 - were all winners :lol: This should be good - Top Spin say bye-bye :wink:
  19. vorian

    HDMI connections, affecting Blu-Ray/HD-DVD??

    Kill this if old, from IGN - Linkage - What are everybodies thoughts/opinions on this? Will it be a problem?
  20. vorian

    Rejoice, the end of CGi as we know it... So it looks like CGi is a no-no for advertisers/publishers. Any chance the commitee sitting at E3 each year would pass a ban on CGi? Or maybe check and verify each new publisher/console manufacturer showreel and officialy announce what is...