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  1. BlindSight

    HDMI to DVI not working, "frequency out of range"

    I tried plugging my PS3 in to my computer monitor and when I powered up it asked me if I want to go through the HDMI connection, I click yes, and the monitor fails to work and just displays the message "frequency out of range". Thing is I played my PS3 on this very monitor in the past, with a...
  2. BlindSight

    Hollywood may be hip, but not sane

    YouTube - Killer Chic: Hollywood's Sick Love Affair with Che Guevara Know where you stand when you buy into communism as a commodity. :lol:
  3. BlindSight

    Test out my level, dubbed "Crab Battle!"

    Finally got around to finishing this. I don't know what the level would play like to someone who hasn't tested it a hundred times like me and I'm curious. So if you would please, search for "crab battle" and play it. Let me know if you don't know what to do at certain points or get stuck. There...
  4. BlindSight

    Are you more of a creator or player?

    If you had to go one way or the other, do you enjoy building the levels or playing the levels more? Just want to see if I'm the only one who spends so many more hours in create mode. I've always enjoyed making maps in video games, but in LBP my taste has been taken to an extreme w/ the problem...
  5. BlindSight

    So who has been avoiding spoilers?

    I browse this forum, and a Metal Gear forum, and so far I have been successfully avoiding significant story details for the past month. I've just been reading impressions and details of the gameplay. Even when I do read a plot related sentence accidentally, somehow my mind magically blacks it...
  6. BlindSight

    Ozzfest 2008 one day event

    Yes this years Ozzfest will only be held in Dallas, which I know pisses a lot of people off. Its slightly annoying to me, since I can't drive to the much closer San Antonio instead, but it really sucks for people in different states. The lineup of bands is good but not great IMO. I do <3...
  7. BlindSight

    Random suggestions

    -Add a Luigi character icon to the store -Create a "comm. swap" (or use another name) sub section in general discussion. A place for people to post funny youtube links and the like. I know people would utilize this if it were created. Personally I'd like to see an influx of comm. swaps but in an...
  8. BlindSight

    MGS4 & MGO scans from Famitsu - Japanese Translator plz?

    Scans Character pictures Not much to see, but I posted it anyways. Can anyone read Japanese, or does anyone know someone who does? For whatever reason, my spidey senses are telling me that the "info blowout" Ryan Payton was talking about, isn't to far away.
  9. BlindSight

    Unreal Tournament III Vehicle feature

    I thought this was cool enough to warrant a thread. UT3 has some of the best multiplayer vehicles I have ever seen. I plan on whoring the scavenger. :) Link Anyone expect UT3 to be better then CoD4? I'm sure the servers will be better...
  10. BlindSight

    Signature for PS3forums CoD4 clan

    I started a CoD4 clan for PS3forums, called Omega Corps. See thread: And I was wondering if anyone from the design corner wanted to make a signature for the clan. You'd be making it for 30+ people not just for me. :lol: Whoever makes...
  11. BlindSight

    Xx-Omega Corps clan thread-xX [PS3forum's official CoD4 clan]

    OMEGA CORPS PS3forum's Official Call of Duty 4 Clan ~~ About us ~~ Omega Corps has members of many different nationalities. We're a group of guys looking to have fun, while exploring the strategical depth that COD4 is sure to have. Each one of us harnesses our own strengths on the...
  12. BlindSight

    Anymore newbies to join the brawl?

    So as you know already, Sonic was just announced for SSBB. IGN seems to think there is a good possibility that even more characters will be announced, specifically one of Sonic's comrades. Tails would be a great addition to the game, he is the candidate I am rooting for. But can you think...
  13. BlindSight

    Extraterrestrial contact - Disclosure?

    The video speaks for itself. You can get much more information on websites like the, or simply type in disclosure project in on google video. \/ Just a general list of people who have participated in the disclosure...
  14. BlindSight

    New MGS4 trailer in english, + MGO and more

    Holy **** x10 Direct link to TGS trailer: TGS MGO footage: If you look on the new "integrated" MGS4 site, there is...
  15. BlindSight

    Kill the person above you!

    The ban the person above you thread is great and all, but its kind of hard to find creative/interesting reasons to ban someone. This game is slightly different, when you post you either state what you are doing or where you are at after you kill the guy above you. For example I could say, "I...
  16. BlindSight

    Lo and behold mortal, for this is a Bob Barker tribute thread!

    My parents, grandparents, and I have always been fans of the Price is Right and we occasionally watch it together. Its the only game show I care to watch, yet has had the same layout and design for over 35 years. Its a fun energetic show with an awesome host, its sorta sad to see Barker go. I...
  17. BlindSight

    MGS online set for PS3

    I looked around didn't see this posted anywhere. So would they ever release MG02 over the Playstation Store seperate from MGS4? Or was that just a misinterpretation? I'm so glad to hear that we will have a fully decked next gen version of Metal...
  18. BlindSight

    PS3 - montage - utility

    I think Sony should eventually give us a montage utility in a firmware update. Something that can record any game and let you edit the footage in the XMB. Complete with some very basic and necessary editing tools to make your montage look good. If they wanted to go the extra mile then they could...
  19. BlindSight

    Warhawk Beta second wave here! Check to see if your in.

    I'm downloading now. **** yes!!! Finally all those who were patient and did not get in the "illegal" way, can play. Edit: Okay my bad, their still only giving a few people the beta. A friend said he did not see it in his store.
  20. BlindSight

    Resistance update/maps DELAYED again

    Post from an Insomniac admin on Thank you Sony for being so incompetent.