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  1. FLCLjazz

    devil may cry 2 why exactly is it bad?

    ive noted several(TONS) saying that DMC2 is bad, but i dont know why, if it's the "story" i dont care. I just dont know how they could screw up DMC(currently playing on Dante must die mode).
  2. FLCLjazz

    Should the keyboard come standard?

    The more i think about a standard keyboard the more i think about how useful it would be to fledge out some of the more standard features that we with computers. It would make server browers much easier to work with, it would also allow the RTS genre and the FPS genre to have more freedom within...
  3. FLCLjazz

    PS3 wi-fi distance..........

    I am planning on using the Wireless abilities of the PS3 to go online and would like to know if the specs tell you how far the connection can go. I am planning on using this very often but i need to know if ill have to buy a stroger wifi port for the PS3.
  4. FLCLjazz

    "blue man" I was bored tonight and i made "blue man". I used a shader and jammed up the lighting on him to give him the "stone" look on his skin.
  5. FLCLjazz

    again you dont have a clue.

    hmmmmmmm let's see here. Yes it looks like that on 5 gb disc(actually you are wrong, it is 9gb disc). But according to your logic(witch is half on the die and half off) is that it will limit gamer producers if they dont have enough space for the graphics. What about using multible discs? Dooms 3...
  6. FLCLjazz

    quick'n'dirty wallpapers did it in 10 minutes. hopefully you like, i'll probably do more later.
  7. FLCLjazz

    need RAM!

    i am currently looking to upgrade my 512 megs of ram up too 2 gigs. But im having trouble finding two 1 gig sticks for 140 dollers or less(rebates are ok because i turn them back in). my CPU takes DDR ram PC2100/PC2700/PC3200 (non-register and ECC) please i need the cheapest ram that...
  8. FLCLjazz

    Gameplay of the future(or not)

    things that i think we could do to improve games OF THE FUTURE A.I.: A.I. yes the things that............. holy cow........... why is he just sitting there? Oh yeah i forgot he has no understanding of his world he lives in and he doesn't know that bullets are flying at him...
  9. FLCLjazz

    new games and the stuff that makes em pretty

    i thought this would be a good thing for this place to learn about next gen graphics terms so when you read papers yyou will understand them(yay) SHADERS: shader are basically manipulating light on a mesh(a 3d model) based on its setting like reflectivity shineyness etc. etc. you can have...
  10. FLCLjazz


    The event is a thing to behold! everything you do was the result of billions of years of incremental decisions and events. in time only did we lose are animalistic properties such as instinc and self promotion we became more observent in ones self. Cave art provides a vivid axample of the pose...
  11. FLCLjazz

    the future of online games on the ps3

    With all the power of the Ps3 whats gonna happe to online using that power? will it be the same mundane fps's with unbalanced weapons like Halo 2? Or will it go to the horribley boring adventures of morriwind? Or will it go to something different? Where a game takes time to get good at and where...