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    Valentine's Day Gifts

    I'm looking for a good website to buy gifts for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I checked out and it seemed pretty good for flowers, but for other gifts such as teddy bears and the like, I felt like it was lacking. Can anyone lend any insight into other places that might have...
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    Shoe Companies

    I'm looking for shoe companies that have shoes that are either wild, crazy or not real well known. I usually wear DC, Etnies, Vans, you get the idea. This post is random but I'm tired of getting Vans or DC shoes all the time.
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    Which piercing should I get?

    So I already got my ear lobes pierced and I was thinking about another piercing. I was considering either a lip piercing, eyebrow, or helix or tragus piercing. Plus I'm a guy.
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    Text Messages with iPhone

    So I can send text messages to all of my friends just fine; however, I can't send text messages to my gf! I can receive her texts but she can't receive the ones I send. She used to be able to receive them. I'm going to contact AT&T very soon, but I was wondering if anyone else has this problem?
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    Headphone help

    So I absolutely love love love listening to music, and I really want a pair of headphones that we do my music justice. I do have a pair of Bose in-ear headphones, and they suit their purpose; however, I want more. After some reviewing, I stumbled across the AKG K 702 headphones which some sites...
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    Replacing hard drive on MBP(Rep+)

    So I purchased a new hard drive for my Macbook Pro and I want to replace it with the one that is already installed. I'm not worried about taking my laptop apart and physically replacing the hdd, but I am worried about restoring my MBP to it's previous state before the procedure. I know that the...
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    Music and Class

    For my freshman seminar class, I am discussing music, it's influence on class in American society and vice versa. What I would like to know from the members here is what type of music do you listen to and what class would you consider yourself to be from? (Upper, Middle or Lower) Thank you
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    Firefox Personas!

    So I just found out about and downloaded the Personas for Firefox. I think the idea is pretty sweet so check it out.
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    Rammstein's New Album

    So apparently Rammstein has recorded the tracks for their new album and now they are entering the mixing stage. They said the CD won't be out until Fall '09, but I am so excited :)
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    Speaker Static Problem +rep

    I have a setup of speakers as 2 speakers and one subwoofer. Now I'm at college and the speakers crackle and buzz to what seems like most of the time. On my desk is my cell phone and sometimes if I move it away from the speakers it stops, but other times the static is so loud and bad that I have...
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    Bootcamp with Linux on a Macbook?

    I know that you can install Windows on a Macbook with Bootcamp, but can you install Linux on a Macbook using Bootcamp? I would like to know if anyone has tried this or at least their thoughts on it. Apple says that Linux is an unsupported OS but bleh.
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    Which anime world would you want to live in?

    I was curious at to which anime you would like to be a part of? For example, I think it would be cool to be a part of Ichigo and his team or a character in DBZ.
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    College Transfer Help

    I am currently a freshman at college and it's around 8 hours away from my home. It's cold up here, the people are unfriendly and the town is full of hicks. I think I want to transfer to a college that is closer to my home and it's in the city, which is also another plus for me. I was wondering...
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    MLA Citation Help

    After I have cited one source in one paragraph, do I need to state the author's name again in the same paragraph? For example: "BLAH BLAH BLAH" (Jesus 4)... (Later in the same paragraph) "BLAH BLAH BLAH" (4) Is this okay? Will I need to state the author's name again at the end...
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    Amp Feedback Help

    I figured this may go in /Technology so here it goes... Well I have an old Cort electric guitar which was repaired so it could be playable. Now I have a Hughes and Kettner Warp 7 amp which hasn't given me trouble in the past; however, at my last band practice, there was a lot of feedback when I...
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    Layout of the Underworld

    Can someone explain or direct me to a source to describe the structure of Hell(particularly in Greek beliefs)? I know that Charon, who is part of Greek mythology, ferries the dead, but I was sure that there was a gate keeper, and I know of Cerberus, but was there a gatekeeper?
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    Help with Manhunt(Tag)

    I want to play this game at my campus where each participant puts his or her name in a hat and draws one name, then they are assigned to "kill" their target by super soaker or something. Can anybody put a name to this game? I tried searching manhunt on wikipedia but they are mainly team-based...
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    Possible Plagiarism Help

    Here's my sentence: "Hieroglyphics was the vehicle by which cryptography was introduced to the world" Now the text never even says anything like this, but would this be considered plagiarism if it's completely my own words and I summed up some ideas? *Edit* My grammar was off, "were"...
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    What instrument do you play/wish you could play?

    I'm wondering what members here play or wish they played. For instance, I play the electric guitar.
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    Bibliography Help

    I am trying to write the bibliography for my paper and I have a book that is a collection of musical quotations. The title page says that it was compiled by two people. So what would I consider this as, an anthology or regular book?