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  1. sabinnchung

    Just bought the Sharp LC-26D6U

    I know its a discontinued model. But I asked and read its the last 26" model made by a actual sharp factory. Hopefully there'll be no defects. For $801.
  2. sabinnchung

    Lost Odyssey question

    is the fighting system like final fantasy. you're picking an attack to do and then just watching it happen.
  3. sabinnchung

    whats that game....

    the 1st person shooter where the guy was in a mall or someplace and had 2 handguns destroying everything whats the title and is it ps3 eclusive?
  4. sabinnchung

    Samsung LN-S2352W for Gaming???

    I'm looking to get this and don't know if I should. I saw a ign article showing which samsung tv's are laggy with the xbox360, but lost the link. Anyone who has this tv or has a friend who has this tv, input would be good. Link
  5. sabinnchung

    Based On Gameplay Footage...Resistance FoM or GoW??

    Which game seems superior? I've only seen 1 video of each. I'm new basically, so I don't know if this'll get locked or not.
  6. sabinnchung

    Need Help (ps2 online) error -612

    i have the slim ps2 wireless network for my home this linksys wireless game adapter and me n my bro put the dns numbers, ect in manually and i still get error -612 when trying to connect madden how...
  7. sabinnchung

    NCAA Football 07 Campus Legend help

    I won 3 awards with my QB, including the heisman. And his rating is still 82, and i passed the tests too. Why won't his ratings go up??? freshman stats: 4400 passing yards, 50 passing td's, 13 int's.
  8. sabinnchung

    Tom Clancy Athen Sword help

    i put the +serversideonly thing outside the system folder so i won't get kicked from online games the game won't let me play in full screen.
  9. sabinnchung

    Dynasty Warriors 5 Help

    can someone list the locations, and boards of the level 20 amulets to max out my characters? i'm trying to max out 3 guys currently. it would be greatly appreciated. this is where i got the hint to get level 20 amulets
  10. sabinnchung

    HDTV Question i have that tv (i'm going to sell it) my pictures all fuzzy, but i just have it hooked up to a normal cable wire not a cable box. is the cable wire the reason the pictures fuzzy? nevermind...
  11. sabinnchung

    Madden 06 Question (Franchise Question)

    i created max amount of players and it won't let me go to a new franchise, should i delete some players? is that the problem?
  12. sabinnchung

    MLB 2K6

    i press x, and x, and x, and my batter doesn't swing. whats wrong with my game?
  13. sabinnchung

    NCAA Football 2006, Race for the Heisman help

    whats the easiest way to get an ill Reggie Bush type rb? or one that can brake many tackles. ok. i'm doing it with the scrambling QB, is there any way to get his acceleration to 100? its around 84
  14. sabinnchung

    -612 Error Help

    before it was error -611. I won't doubt once error -612 gets fixed, that error -611 will pop again. But first off how do i fix error -612? i tried getting on madden 06 online, if thats any help. how do you insert an image in your signature??? Please do not double post. Read the rules...
  15. sabinnchung

    Raven Shield PC whitelist-server error (need help)

    whitelist-server error ^^^i got kicked cuz of that how do i fix it?
  16. sabinnchung

    Black, the game

    will it be in 480p, 720p, ...??? and i pressed x and o for madden 06 without the cables, would the graphics still improve?
  17. sabinnchung

    Soyo TV's

    are those any good, especially the dymond series? this one i was looking at too before
  18. sabinnchung


    when a tv has burn-in does the picture change color for a few seconds? i think my brothers tv has burn in.
  19. sabinnchung

    Audiovox TV's

    how long does the typical audiovox tv last for before dying out? i'm not technology smart.
  20. sabinnchung

    -611 Error

    My brother changed my network settings for ps2 online, manually changed the dns settins and all that, but we still get the error, what should we do? is nba 2k6 and madden 06 in 480p?