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    Metal Gear Ac!d review (European) by surrealnightmare

    Hi, I posted this on another and decided that i might as well post it here as well. I'd appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on how i can improve it etc. and also gives me some info on what the link battle is like because that's the only part i haven't covered yet. Enjoy: Review...
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    New PSP update (warning if downloading)

    Found this on Gamespot: Hmm, i don't like the sound of that bogus update
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    Original Playstation wins emmy

    New article on Gamespot: Hooray for Sony and the Playstation 1
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    Turning game consoles into PC's

    :lol: check this article out: :lol: It's like Bob Geldof except instead of food relief it's XBOX's converted into PC's
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    Help sending pictures with Wi Fi

    Hi, I tried to send an image to my friends PSP the other day with the send function but i couldn't seem to recognize his PSP when searching with the Wi Fi. Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong? Any help would be appreciated. P.S My friend only just got his PSP, but has version 2.0...
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    China goes after Japan in new game

    This is quite old, but has anyone else heard about this game: and i thought America's Army was a bad concept :suspect:
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    EA taking over Ubisoft?

    Damn, this doesn't look good for Ubisoft and it's brand of games: looks like EA might buyout Ubisoft after all. :shock: