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    Thought it was impossible, but we have achieved a new level of stupidity!!

    At first I thought I wasn't seeing the pictures right. Then I realize I was. Laughed so hard, damn near poop'd myself.
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    Question about Rep Power ranking

    I was curious how exactly it is calculated. Are you suppose to get +1 for each person that +Rep's you? Or is it a culmination of several things? Example from my own profile:
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    Sony Duo Memory Cards.....

    Can you use normal Duo Memory as a PSP memory card? I've seen on some websites, Duo Memory card and them Duo Memory card for PSP. I want to get the biggest Duo Memory card available for the PSP when I pick up one in the very near future.
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    +rep for who can name the title of the movie

    My buddies and I are trying to figure out the name of the movie from the 80's. +Rep to the person who can figure it out! In the movie a kid develops a force field bubble using a computer program. At first the force field bubble goes crazy in his basement and goes out the window into the...
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    Craziest things you've ever seen on Google Street View

    Post up your interesting views of locations on Google Street views. Random bums or real off the wall stuff going down! Here is my submission. I highlighted the area in question. Also since this house is located near my aunt and uncle in Arvada, CO. :snicker