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    heads up gt5 might be 2011 title

    gamestop has gt5 being realsed 2011 might be a typo but if it was a shortage delay this might be true.
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    Black Ops Pre-Sales Pass Modern Warfare 2

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    85 GAME stores to be closed by 2013

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    Report: PS3 Leads 17 Percent Of U.S. Households To Blu-Ray Ownership

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    Video Game Sex Scenes: A Compilation(not realy game related move to were it should go

    i didnt know were to put this its kinda all over the board and i am posting it because its kinda crazy and the amount of games that had those scenes. here is the link : i didnt want to flood this thread of videos
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    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explains how Nintendo came up with the 25,000 yen price poi

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    Xbox 360 doesn't have an internet browser because MS can't secure IE, insider claims

    source: about time they told the truth ie is a crap browser we neeed netscape back that was #1.
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    Microsoft to buy Second Life

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    new ace combat video (ps3 gameplay)

    im sorry if this is old but it was posted september 16 2010 (tgs trailer) i never seen it thought i post it for psu membrers.If you hit full screen it looks awsome check it out below.
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    PSN comes Under Siege on November 3 (rts game)

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    Chrysler rolling out Call of Duty-themed Jeep Wrangler

    source: [/SIZE]
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    PlayStation Network “Import Store” Sets Sail Soon

    source: now that is intersting can i get the resident evil series ps1 from japn sony? pls.
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    mgs riseing TGS 2010: Kojima Stage Demo

    enjoy you guys From your naighbourhood web crawler :<)
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    SOCOM 4 PlayStation Move Video Preview at ign

    though i post this for those that are waiting for socom 4
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    halo reach modded/hacked look out 4 cheaters

    the game has been modded and peaple are hacking there account getting max gear. Cheaters are now online in reach proof here:
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    new gt5 information and videos. (this is amazing)

    the true power of ps3 finnaly? every new games seems to get better who will finnaly max out the ps3?.I think though the the ps3 will be like the ps2 hated at first but at the end becomes king not a fanboy statement but thruth. here is the new info...
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    Footage of the new fall dashboard must watch

    this is the new dashboard comeing soon and it defently will be a negitive watch the videos i find its more bloated and the 2nd video shows the new ingame dashboard note lack of user frindleyness and were is the friends access ingame?. showing the new avatar/startup system and dashboard #1...
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    Starting Monday: Experience PlayStation Move Before Launch, Win a Move Party, Softwar
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    PlayStation Move: The Ultimate FAQ ps blog

    go here 4 the rest
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    official psmove unboxing video from psblog awesome deal for the price. everything you need unlike kinect.