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  1. VeganFreak

    Horrible chat experience*link now in place* first post

    dear forum, you may remember as the guy who posted about being suicidal a few months back? yeah i'm the guy. anyway, i guess i'm still here somewhat, so might as well make the best of it. this is a question aimed at the mods: can i edit this post and include a link to a log of a chat i recently...
  2. VeganFreak

    newest song.

    sorry i said my newest song would be a rave. i don't even know what to call this style. anyway listen to Classical Theme. thx
  3. VeganFreak

    pages of threads missing?

    ok is it just me or are there no pages in the general discussion? i go there and honestly i cannot access older threads. i'm like....are they gone? yeah. plz tell whats going on
  4. VeganFreak

    FPS difficulty

    lately i've been playing a lot of quake II and Alien Vs Predator (the first one). it has occured to me that the difficulty of these games is substancially higher than any fps game out there today. of course this does not include the multiplayer modes. but playing the single played of Doom 3 and...
  5. VeganFreak

    North Korea Nuclear Bomb Test

    so what do you guys think of this.....does it scare the living sh*t out of you? do you even believe it was real?
  6. VeganFreak

    DJ ownage

    well i've been a dj for over 3 months now. here is some of my work. let me know what you think. Static Motion and Roadside are the best also for some reason Myspace downsampled Static Motion so it sounds like crap :( yeah . anyway please give me feedback
  7. VeganFreak

    Sleeping Habits

    hey....i've been wandering about my sleeping habits and whether they are healthy....for the past 6 days i have only slept 3 times. what i mean is, i only sleep every two days. meaning: i sleep, get up, stay up the whole day, the whole night after that, then the next night, and the next day and...
  8. VeganFreak


    yeah i just went there...low and behold i see shemale porn without any warning whatsoever. i'm what you could consider a homophobe x13 you can imagine how i feel. i allready emailed them with a complaint. THIS IS A WARNING: YTMND FORUMS ARE EXTREMELY PORN EXPLICIT. PLEASE SAVE YOUR SOUL AND...
  9. VeganFreak

    The Descent

    well i saw the movie 2 days ago and i was quite split on my opinion. certainly not the scariest movie i have seen. even amtiville horror was scarrier. anyhow for those who have seen it i have a question in particular: [spoiler:3888cc781b]who the hell was that brunette and why was she glowing...
  10. VeganFreak

    Half Life 2 soundtrack

    for the past few hours i have been trying to access the sound files of HL2 and have failed miserably :( . anyway tried unzipping them with winrar and honestly i haven't done this before so i'm lost. could anyone help me out? oh and is what i'm trying to do illegal?
  11. VeganFreak

    Request for a job.

    i want a cool background for my myspace......i'm a techno maker and would like to have clouds spell DJ OWNAGE....or just will all be rewarded with a new beat tomorrow....its called Static Motion. look for it tomorrow at: also a good cloud texture...
  12. VeganFreak

    For those who are fans of SACD

    took me a little while, but managed to only use Paint and IrfanView :D what about you guys? you go crazy with Paint sometimes? rofl
  13. VeganFreak

    HDR Capable Displays

    HDR - High Dynamic Range (if this is new to you wikipedia has a preety good definition and they have a good link to the HDR used in Half Life 2) (the physics of it) (application...
  14. VeganFreak

    Parental control on games truly a bummer, no?? does this mean entering passwords and whatnot(yeah you can probably disable it but it still gets quite annoying) i'm not really sure whether they're refering only to direct control by parents or stricter...
  15. VeganFreak

    Having problems installing a new(old?) HDD i have a preety weird problem i have two computers. recently, i decided that i would just stick the HDD from my old computer into the new one. so i pop it it.....yes i set it to slave before i installed it. well the good news is that it recognizes it. it sees it, but here is where the...