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    Where did this topic go?

    I read somewhere on here that you can trade in your psp and ps2 with two games to ebgames for a ps3. Where did this topic go? Thanks. :wink:
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    Are you disappointed with Sony?

    Since the new information came about -such as the price- I personally find the PS3 a little bit disappointing. That would be fine if the games actually looked impressive, which they sadly did not. I know that they are still in beta, alpha whatever the heck phases, but I thought overall the 360...
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    Which Desktop should I get?

    I have worked a lot during the past 2 years and have saved around $15,000. Now, I have always been a gaming enthusiast and wanted to have the best PC out there for my games. Which PC should I get out of these two; or can you maybe make your own custom build one? The first one is from Dell...