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    looking for a rare nike hoodie

    anyone got one of the spring 07 limited edition star pattern windrunners. i cant find one where i live. im gonna check out goods in a few weeks in seattle. i can find the red and orange on ebay but imn looking for the blue one. anyone hav one or know where i can get one would be awesome. im...
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    uninformed about halo 3

    i dont really follow halo 3 at all. ive played the beta and ive seen like one trailer and talked to my firend about it, but i keep hearing how innovative it is especially the online. maybe its just cause it was a beta but i really didnt see and outstanding innovation except maybe taking...
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    I Need To Find This Shirt!!!

    i need this shirt but cannot find it to buy anywhere. it is a "****ing awesome" brand (or fckng awsm) shirt that says "a kid who tells on antoher kid is a dead kid". if anyone knows where i can find one or has one in around a size M PLEASE let me know. u can look at the picture to see the shirt.
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    The new windows OS is an absolute joke

    i really dont care if i get flamed i have to let people know that the new windows os is a complete joke. bust i must say "gadgets" is pretty neat OR you could take a look at widgets for mac os X tiger. theyve been around for a few years now. or this new search engine built right into the start...
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    just a quick question

    ummm when DO we expect to get more info on killzone. just answer the question if u know it and dont tell me theres anohter post with this is here cause quite frankly the searchs on this website blow. ok that bout it
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    animating on a mac

    ok ya so i have a 2.0GHz powerpc 20" imac thats l;ess tha a year old. now i dont want to get too out of my computing power leauge, but i would like to know if any of you know what i should use if want to make cartoons. as of right now i know of macromedia flash maker which runs ata steep $800...
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    I just have a quick question

    um i dont think this is true but i remember a long time ago hearing that the new intel macs could play PC games. is this true. im pretty sure this just belongs in the general chit chat section.
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    no boomerang!

    apparently sony will be changing their controller design by E3. thats too bad i really liked the boomerang DS2 sucks. heres my source. take it for fact if you want but i think its true
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    No 1080p output!

    according to sony will not output in 1080p to save processing power, but they also leave it as an option for the system or the tv to upconvert to 1080p. what about Blu-ray movies will they still be in 1080p. here is the link. sorry if this was posted but i didnt see anything...
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    tax on ebay

    does anyone know if there is tax when buying on ebay. when i look at listings they say that there is only tax in california. i live in washington what does this mean. im buying my tv from ebay and tax would add another 50 bucks. :(
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    psp and the phillips RC9800i remote.

    could the psp work almost exactly as the phillips RC9800i remote does. when you think about it it has all the right means of connectivity. they both have WI-FI and and IR port. psp has the potential of being a great super remote for ps3 and beyond. sorry if something like that has been posted...
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    No videos... i need help

    I cant get videos to show up. i put them into the MP_ROOT under 100MNV01 and its keeps saying that there are no videos. i downloads them from google where it lets u download for psp. can someone please help me
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    PSP and PS3 streaming

    ok... heres the deal. i think sony will incorporate many things of the ps3 with the psp. its a great marketing tool for the psp. but anyway... here what im thinking.... you will be able to stream your music library on your ps3 to your psp... better yet... be able to acess it from a WLAN over the...
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    ps3 doom super edition

    ive read on that there is a possibility of a "super" edotion of the doom series on the ps3. does anyone know anything at all about this.