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  1. StrikeMaster Ice

    Far Cry Vengeance details Far Cry Vengeance will be launch title for Wii.
  2. StrikeMaster Ice

    Splinter Cell 5, Far Cry 2 leaked PSM did metioned that Splinter Cell 5 is already in the work, not so sure about Prince of Persia since it was a trilogy.
  3. StrikeMaster Ice

    NFL Street 3 Revealed

    I was expecting next NFL Street is going hit next-gen consoles instead of current gen.
  4. StrikeMaster Ice

    Japan Talks E3

    Sorry if this has already post. Feel free to lock it if already posted it.
  5. StrikeMaster Ice

    Japanese gamers want Wii

    Feel free to move it if this fit Wii section better. Even the Japanese gamers think PS3 is too expensive. I really think Sony have got a fight on their hands this time around.
  6. StrikeMaster Ice

    Midway announces Myst for PSP I would prefer the PC version since they have to down grade the graphic for PSP version.
  7. StrikeMaster Ice

    Xbox 360 Price Rumors Quashed Looks like there won't be a price cut this holiday unless Sony reduces the price of PS3 before launch, which is unlikely.
  8. StrikeMaster Ice

    Prey Demo Confirmed Prey Demo on xbox live marketpalce on June 22.
  9. StrikeMaster Ice

    Nintendo: Sony steals our ideas I'm sure Nintendo have copied ideas in the past too. All I can say is the best ideas are copies from someone or something thing, nothing is orginal. I think that how it goes.
  10. StrikeMaster Ice

    MS responds to X360 hackers I bet hackers are shaking now. :lol:
  11. StrikeMaster Ice

    Iwata: 'We don't care if we beat Sony or Microsoft'

    With the price of next-gen console so high, I won't to surprise to see Wii as a first choice for gamers.
  12. StrikeMaster Ice

    Koei Exec on PS3 Price

    I'm surprise to see he think the price is not high for PS3.
  13. StrikeMaster Ice

    Fear Effect Spooks Next-Gen Consoles? Fear Effect on PS1 was great, but never played Fear Effect: Retro Helix.
  14. StrikeMaster Ice

    Forza 2 is no Gran Turismo 360! Grand Turismo HD is just demo is really just a showpiece for what high-definition rendering will bring to Sony's premiere racing series on the PS3. Assuming he is talking about Gran Turismo HD here.
  15. StrikeMaster Ice

    Sony announces pair of EyeToy games for PS2 Click here for sreens of both titles.
  16. StrikeMaster Ice

    Brother In Arm: Hell's Highway delay First Medal of Honor: Arborne now Brother in Arm. I was hoping at least one WWII game make it as a launch titles for PS3.
  17. StrikeMaster Ice

    Tokobots clank onto PS2 I'll give this a rental when it comes out since I never played PSP version.
  18. StrikeMaster Ice

    Atari slashes current gen price Driver: Parallel Lines only release few months ago and its already 2o bucks. I'm sure to pick up Indigo Prophecy, I alway want to play it.
  19. StrikeMaster Ice

    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Coming to PS3? Is Warhammer is FPS shooting game? I was never a PC gamer.
  20. StrikeMaster Ice

    E3 06: Frame City Killer canceled This game was delayed few time and it was wasn't that great. It's no big loss, at least at least they're making an RPG for the 360.