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  1. Trinity

    Miss PS3F 2007- "Are you pretty enough?"

    **THIS IS OPEN FOR BOTH MALES AND FEMALES** Ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. The 2007 Miss PS3F brought to you by Trinity productions and co. In this competition we will vote for our forum beauty, smart, and charisma. You think you has what it takes? Why not join then...
  2. Trinity

    Hide your childrens! Trinity is back!

    Dang man, its been 2 months. 2 long months. I have seen these boards gone downhill, too many n00bs, people with no respect, no morals, NO FEAR FOR GOD!. Thier time is up, im back and wost than ever. This will be a massacre. Glad to see yall, I hope you emos still alive. Me? Im doing...
  3. Trinity

    Israel plans NUCLEAR strike on Iran!!,,2089-2535310,00.html Oh Israel, little Israel... Somehow I am not surprised to read this.
  4. Trinity

    Cowboys vs Seahawks (My butt is on the line)

    Cowboys 3 - Seahawks 3 If the Cowboys lose (they wont :wink:) im banned for 2 MONTHS!!! Lets go Cowboys!
  5. Trinity

    Tekken: Dark Resurrection videos!

    Click for Stream version! Stream Version of Tekken Dar Resurrection. It looks really fun!
  6. Trinity

    Will they broadcast Hussain's hang? Will you watch it?

    Well Hussain is going to be hanged during the next 30 days. Do you think thy will broadcast or film the hang? Will you watch it? I think they will broadcast it, but im not going to watch it, hell I wont even bother. Regardless if he deserves it or not, I think it is pretty sick to watch...
  7. Trinity

    David Wirght to be the cover athlete for MLB 07 The Show!

    Thats very good for him. This is the real deal when it comes to baseball games.
  8. Trinity

    New Virtual Tennis images Bunch of new Virtual Tennis images
  9. Trinity

    Cool Idea: User titles!

    Whats going on with the user titles guys? They were really cool. We can have user titles like on the neogaf boards, where you get your usertitle for something you post or how you act. Most of the time they are funny and show something stupid you did. Either way, please bring usertitles...
  10. Trinity

    Official PS3 2007 prediction thread!

    Post your PS3 predictions for 2007. I will start: 7/7/07 Metal Gear Solid 4 hit the World. Most amazing game in history, not only for its visuals, but for the amazing storyline and characters. The game has a solid online multiplayer, clan, rank match, voice, text, ect. It will come in a...
  11. Trinity

    Help me find the name of this song! *Price inside* Tell me the name of this song and I will give you a price. I,ve been looking for the name of that song forever :(
  12. Trinity

    Condoms "too big" for Indian men :lol: :lol: :lol: That was pretty funny, they are too small....embarassing
  13. Trinity

    BREAKING NEWS: World Exclusive PS3 news! (homebrew related)

    I wont give the link to the site, since we dont know if this is legal or not. NOTE: Apparently this has nothing to do with illegal isos, or illegal materials, so mods please keep this open. If they release illegal information I will edit this thread to be deleated, but give time to time. I...
  14. Trinity

    Downloadable NeoGeo classics on PS3!

    soruce: CVG Great wonderful news! Cant wait to play Neo Geo games on my PS3!
  15. Trinity

    PS3 review section

    How come we dont have one? A place to review the system, controllers, games, etc. I think we do need one.
  16. Trinity

    Welcome Real Next Generation!

    The PS3 already launched!!! After long months, its all over now. Lets celebrate and bring some cheers!!!
  17. Trinity

    G Unot is a fraud (post here if you hate them)

    If you hate fiddy and the G unot, you can post here. Tou are not alone, since we all hate them for being snotches and b*****. **** G UNOT!
  18. Trinity

  19. Trinity

    Woot I'M BACK!!! (ps3 fans only)

    Yo dudes, im back from a ban WOOT! seems that we cant say xbots, because that hurts the feelings of our most loved and appreciated forum members (note the sarcasm). You know, they can come and troll, but we have to be civilized (sp?) because the mods still believe we are a non biased...
  20. Trinity

    Nintendo...what the hell is going on?

    O ladies and gents, my first thread in a long time...sit down and read. So what the heck is going on with Ninty? How come they went from king of the World to...last place? Lets take a long walk through Nintendo's years... OMFG, tears comes to my eyes just by looking at the best...