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    Xbox digital games dont launch

    Looks like theres a Xbox live service alert and I cant launch any of my games. My friends with disc games are fine but me and my friends who bought digitally cant launch any of our games.
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    Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

    Yep take away the sugar coated PR talk and thats what hes actually saying.
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    Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

    Agreed. Thats why Sony shouldnt bother with a Vita successor.
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    Cannot sync trophies error NP-32091-5

    Cant sync trophies now and keep getting this error. Already tried rebuilding the data base but no luck. If Sony would have included trophy sync with PS4 I wouldn't be dealing with this. I'm pretty pissed right now.
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    Has Kinect been justified yet?

    This is from a thread split. mistercrow did not create this thread. ~ F34R Still doesn't justify MS charging consumers an extra $100 dollars for a camera that they dont want and aren't interested in.
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    PS4 starts arriving at retailer warehouses - employee leaks images
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    Xbox One suffers framerate stutters in COD Ghosts
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    Those pesky 500 errors

    Theyre baaaack. Pretty annoying.
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    Famousmortimer contacted by more developers having issues with Xbone OS
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    90 seconds of PS4 UI footage - looks close to final build
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    Sony shows that games run on actual PS4 consoles at events
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    Sony's worldwide studios PS4 titles will surpass your wildest expectations
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    Sony:24 PS4 exclusives announced and 14 studios working on them
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    PS4 GPU encourages complex compute operations
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    Rumor: Titanfall for Xbox one runs at 720p
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    My entire PSN friend list just disappeared

    I only see my profile but nobody else. Shut off my PS3 and logged in again and still no friend list. lol This is like the twilight zone.
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    KZ Shadowfalls texture quality has quadrupled since February
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    New video shows PS4 and its UI and mentions that it runs cool after several hours
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    AMD hints faster more power effecient PS4 and XBone chips
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    Preview: NFS Rivals PS4 version