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    Excuse me for making a new thread, but the other threads are closed. Strange that. I periodically pop back from time to time to just read, I won't hide away from the fact I don't really visit this place much or participate at all anymore, not like I used to, I haven't for several months and...
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    Edge: PS4 to launch early 2014 in EU. More powerful than next Xbox. - Early 2014? - A share button? Possible social integration ala TwitchTV? - Slightly more powerful and (this is key) very simple to work with? You better put me down for one now.
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    Infraction for xLimit: Instant Perma-Ban

    User: xLimit Infraction: Instant Perma-Ban Points: 30 Administrative Note: Message to User:
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    3DS Hacked? Interesting if so. So far it's been pretty resilient to hacks!
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    3DS surpasses PS3 lifetime sales in Japan

    It's took the 3DS just two years to sell more than the PS3. The Japanese sure love their handhelds (well, not Vita). It's quite a surprising stat though. And what makes it more exciting is that Nintendo have not dropped THE BOMBS yet. No true 3DS Zelda. No Pokemon. No Smash Bro's...
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    What memory card do you have?

    I have a 16GB card. It's enough for me right now. I'm not shelling out on a 32GB card because I know the moment I do Sony will either. 1. Announce a price cut. 2. Release the 64GB card in the UK. -.-
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    Happy 60th Birthday Miyamoto

    The Godfather of gaming, the legend who brought us the likes of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Pikmin & Star Fox is 60 today! What's your favourite Miyamoto game?
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    Your doing Animal Crossing a big disservice lol.
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    Vita is still routinely outsold 20-1 by 3DS in a normal week in Japan. The problem for Japan is many of the developers there are still more than happy to develop for PSP. Sony have gave them no reason to develop for Vita. PSP in Japan: + Big install base + Cheap as chips to buy + Cheap to...
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    The thing which slightly worries me is if they can't get Vita right I have a few doubts over PS4. You might think this is a little crazy but hear me out. Trends in gaming have changed, people who don't usually play games now play them. First we had the Wii, then we had the iOS games which...
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    For a bit of perspective the 3DS the week before Animal Crossing sold 20 unit's for every one Vita. Here are the recent sales of the Vita in Japan. 10 weeks ago: 50.070 9 weeks ago: 14.106 8 weeks ago: 10.858 7 weeks ago: 9.295 6 weeks ago: 14.469 5 weeks ago: 7.957 4 weeks ago: 6.134...
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now Wow. Sony need to do something and quick. Start with a price cut I guess. Animal Crossing is a huge game...
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    PS+ Vita coming with 2.0 update - game details within

    US PS+ members get the above. EU get Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Chronovolt. And of course you get the usual perks such as access to four gamers per month, plus a host of other goodies such as discounts and online storage.
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    Wii U will not have a system wide Trophy/Achievement equivelent Jackson on NeoGAF is Jeremiah Slaczka, the Creative Director and Co-Founder of 5TH Cell. He came up with the concept of Scribblenauts and a few other of 5th Cell's games.
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    Reuters - Sony Are One Point Away From Junk Welp. Like serious welp. Remember the Vita & PSP forecasts of...
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    Vita is like a girl...with 4 breasts

    Sony can be pretty crazy with their advertisements, they have a track record of it. But this... this is something special!
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    Sony Announce Q2 Results

    [1] (*) Worldwide Hardware Unit Sales (Unit: Million) Console Ja-Mr'12 Ap-Jn'12 Jl-Sp'12 Oc-Dc'12 (2012 - YTD) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS3/PS2 2.5 2.8 3.5 - 8.8 360...
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    Warning for SHAZZMAZZ: No Trolling, Rule 4.

    Post: Xbox code crackers: On Her Majesty's secret service User: SHAZZMAZZ Infraction: No Trolling, Rule 4. Points: 0 Administrative Note: Message to User: Original Post: