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    Infraction for memo2013: Instant Perma-Ban

    User: memo2013 Infraction: Instant Perma-Ban Points: 30 Administrative Note: Message to User:
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    [Idea] PSU Community: Battlefield 4 Team

    Overview The PSU community has shown its affinity for coming together as a group and wrecking havoc online. For years this was done through the famous Boys n' Warhawks clan, and more recently our new community manager Ghost-Rhayne brought the community to the forefront of the Dust 514 hype...
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    Need Community Input: 1Password

    In the past several years, I've picked up a lot of good organization habits and have sought to strictly organize the aspects of my life that can be neatly controlled. After all, I think the more things you can put into a trusted system and make a routine, the fewer things will constantly be...
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    Calling all runners!

    Quick bit about me: I love running, and it was a combination of healthy eating and running that enabled me to lose 40 pounds and get into the best shape of my life. I'm currently working on gaining some of that weight back in the form of muscle. Someone I'm close to sent me this as a joke, and...
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    PSU: Cerny: PS4's architecture more flexible, customizable than PC's

    After a PC-oriented friend illustrated to me the power of gaming on the platform, I have often considered shifting to the terrifying realm of PC gaming. To the intrigue of the entire gaming community, however, there has been a lot of talk in recent months concerning the PlayStation 4's ability...
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    Significant spike in Japanese PS Vita sales following release of Toukiden

    Following the release of Toukiden, a single- and multi-player title set in a medieval Japan, PlayStation Vita sales in the region have more than doubled from 13,422 the week before to 31,271. Toukiden sold 122,794 units in its first week after launch, and has given Sony's handheld a fighting...
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    Join me: A Year Without

    Inspired by Leo Babauta's post of a similar name on his blog zenhabits, I have began my 'year without'. What does this mean? It means that for the next twelve months, I will be giving up twelve different aspects of my daily life for one month at a time. The purpose of this is to figure out...
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    PSU: The PlayStation 4 is still the console to beat

    Very interested in hearing everyone's thoughts, both in concurrence and disagreement. Read more ...
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    [Request] "PSU U.S. Editor" Battlefield 4 Signature

    It has been years since I've requested a graphic from you guys, so now is as good a time as any. What I'm looking for is a high quality (check the new signature specifications detailed today) Battlefield 4 signature to express my excitement for the upcoming release. Some other...
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    iTech Post: The B Game is Doomed

    Source. A lot of this has been said before and is expected, but I definitely think they're right and that this is a good thing. I think it's excellent that developers continuously have to up their standards in order to stay relevant, and it'll mean that the video game library, while perhaps...
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    PSU Community Poll: Next-Gen Call of Duty

    Six years ago now, Activision and Infinity Ward released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which unveiled a multiplayer mode that would become the standard for online first-person shooters to the present day. Activision has won awards and experienced record sales with each successive Call of Duty...
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    Looking for some Battlefield 3 Advice!

    I've been playing a good deal of Battlefield 3 recently ... Bought premium and am somewhere around level 40 right now. Experience and the interwebz have helped me become a better player, but I'm curious to see if anyone here has any tips or tricks they'd like to share. I generally play using...
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    First Skyrim, Now Black Ops II

    This generation, namely the last couple of years of it, has seen some potentially fantastic games fall to the hands of hackers and bugs. Every Call of Duty title has experienced some sort of plaguing bug or wave of hackers that ultimately makes the game less enjoyable, and Skyrim, as us PS3...
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    Convince me.

    A couple months ago, I let my Xbox LIVE gold membership expire. It wasn't because I wasn't interested in having a LIVE account, but more so because I hadn't started my new job and therefore was broke. Right now I'm sitting on a pretty good amount of money, though, and while at one point it...
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    Black Ops II Signature / Avatar Request

    Title says it all. I'm looking for a Black Ops II theme avatar and signature. Both images ideally match one another, but they don't have to be identical in design. There really are no specifications, but somewhere on the signature (probably lined up at the bottom or something) I would like...
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    Prestige Token issue?

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, but it was likely some time ago so I'll just ask again: I prestiged in Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops, but didn't get any tokens for them in Modern Warfare 3. Is there any reason / fix for this?
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    Confirmed: MW2's Terminal Map Coming to MW3

    According to Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin, Modern Warfare 2's "Terminal" map will be coming to Modern Warfare 3 for free on an unconfirmed date. All of this came to light after the maps "Shipbreak" and "Terminal" accidentally appeared on the Private Match menu on Modern Warfare 3.
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    Will The Elder Scrolls Online Succeed?

    As a big TES fan, I want to start jumping up and down with the news of a MMO for the series. As I've reiterated again and again (and again) throughout the years, I have great confidence in the developers behind these games, and would love to see this game succeed. But I'm worried: With things...
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    Thoughts on College Major

    Hi guys. I've been wondering about something for awhile now, and I thought I might as well throw the question here and see what some of the thoughts are. I'm trying to determine what I'd like to major in in college, and if I even have the ability to major in certain fields. During my freshman...