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  1. Fijiandoce

    Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections - Achieved With CRYENGINE

    Hardware and API agnostic. In a similar way to how the Crytek introduced screen space ambient occlusion, we may actually see this in use in next-gen titles. As opposed to RTX, which is probably more in-line with "traditional" ray-tracing, Cretek say they use mesh ray-tracing. No idea how it's...
  2. Fijiandoce

    Warframe launches on Nintendo switch

    Digital Extremes are one of my favourite devs this generation. Knowing where they came from, it's nice to see them succeeding to this degree. (Why they weren't even nominated for best ongoing game baffles my damn mind!)
  3. Fijiandoce

    PlayStation 5 to be released in 2020

    Would explain their confirmed absences from all events. Also, not too sure on wording (not a tech site) but probably a 4 core system, with 8 threads. 4 core config saves you actual silicon space vs having 8 actual cores. More room for a bigger GPU then. Here's hoping they are actually shipping...
  4. Fijiandoce

    Why next-gen consoles shouldn't focus on 'true 4K'

    Worth going to EG to read the full article; can't post the full thing here! The tagline for this article i feel is particularly poignant in regard to the mid-gen refreshes: "With GPU power at a premium, new ideas and technologies must trump pixel-count". It's a good read, and it's nice to see...
  5. Fijiandoce

    Warframe's Tennocon - New open world, New quest, and new gamemode.

    Digital Extremes are by far one of my favourite developers this generation. They take their playerbase seriously, and work hard on the title they bring them. No bullshit PR, and no shady practises. Played Warframe when it started wayyy back in 2013 and seeing it now is just insane! They've...
  6. Fijiandoce

    Panic Button bringing Warframe to Switch

    The guys responsible for the Doom, Rocket League, and Wolfenstein Switch ports are currently working on bringing Warframe to Nintendo's console. This seems like quite an interesting challenge, even more so given what Digital Extremes just showed off at their convention. The other games...
  7. Fijiandoce

    GENERAL Battlefield 5 Gameplay Grand Operations

    I quite like this. It's like Killzone 2, but one a much larger scale.
  8. Fijiandoce

    GENERAL Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer

    If i do end up trying this, im gunna go for that little green suit. Still not sure what Anthem is about tho... not feeling this old god thing. Kinda feels like whatever the thing was in Andromeda that created the Angara.
  9. Fijiandoce

    GENERAL 4 Minutes of Anthem Open World Gameplay

    It looks really nice.... but i don't really know what the deal is. Like TLoU2 trailer, even if you had no prior knowledge of TLoU, you knew humanity was in the shitter. They are talking about this world in this demo, using lots of jargon, and saying we'll learn more, but is the story so paper...
  10. Fijiandoce

    PC PC Gaming Show: June 11, 3 p.m. PT

    Not expecting much from the PC gaming show tbh. However, there may be some cool techy things on offer!
  11. Fijiandoce

    XBOX Microsoft Conference: June 10, 1 p.m. PT

  12. Fijiandoce

    PLAYSTATION Sony Conference: June 11, 6 p.m. PT

    Sony seems to have a really strong line-up going into E3. Personally my most anticipated conference. Really hoping there is more details about The Last of Us 2.
  13. Fijiandoce

    New E3 section for E3 2018

    New to the way we handle E3 coverage, this years E3 section will be housed inside a single forum. Our swanky new forum software gives our users the ability to post content in a single location, and allows users to pick from that content the coverage they are most interested in. Inside the new...
  14. Fijiandoce

    Ubisoft teases a return for Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Full Details to be released on Monday, April 9th! Played all the Splinter cell titles up to Chaos Theory, been looking for a game to goof around in, if Sam Fisher actually works like the Sam Fisher of old i may pick it up!
  15. Fijiandoce

    Digital Foundry updates their performance data presentation

    If anyone recalls a few months back (many months back in fact), DF put out a bunch of graphs which i had a go at. They were the kinda garbage 3D nonsense you see at a marketing presentation. Not something you use to actually present data with. With Eurogamer getting a redesign, the DF team also...
  16. Fijiandoce

    Warframe Documentary from Noclip

    I'm quite a fan of Digital Extremes, they are up front with their community (96% of the time) and there seems to be an accord that what DE does with its pay model, it does to fund the games continued development. Looking forward to this documentary. Posting in case others here are also curious...
  17. Fijiandoce

    AAA Games Lobbyist Destroyed In Public Hearing On Loot Boxes

    15 love to the gamers.
  18. Fijiandoce

    I booted up Mirrors Edge for the first time in a while...

    Turns out, someone managed to find two of my Beat Link Emitters (Beat L.E.) I got a few more atop a few other buildings, but i thought these would have been one of the harder ones to get to. Just thought i'd share to the non-existent Mirrors Edge fans all over the world :ROFLMAO: As an...
  19. Fijiandoce

    Now that Nintendo have a feature full open world game, their next step should be clear!

    Open world pokemon game, with the first 151 pokemon! I'm curious, I can't be the only one who played blue, red, yellow etc and wished for a proper open world game where i go out and build my team of pokemon!? Not gunna lie, every time i hear someone play pokemon on NDS and that song kicks...