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  1. Rush3d

    Tekken 6

    I'm talking out of memory but I'd say that you could play the arcade modes of Tekken 1 2 and 3 on PS2's Tekken 5, not PS3's 6.
  2. Rush3d

    Developers to avoid going into next-gen?

    If the consumer still buys their games thinking they're bad, then they deserve to be given sh*t
  3. Rush3d

    Horizon Zero Dawn Celebrates Second Anniversary. Over 10 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

    So deserved. I'm glad new single-player IPs can benefit from sale numbers like those. I hope the massive success of Horizon doesn't make Guerrilla completely forget about their other franchise (Killzone) though. I'd still love to play a new one.
  4. Rush3d

    PS Vita production ending soon

    Nintendo is the first one to know the traditional handheld market is dead. That's why their latest effort was what they cal a "hybrid". A purely portable console would have died in this phone gaming era.
  5. Rush3d

    Shenmue III new screenshots, extensive new trailer coming March 9th

    Sharp textures, outdated character models... I get the feeling that they've tried to stick to the original look of the old games too much. The most purist fans might be happy with that decision but, I don't know, I think the "broader audience" aren't gonna be impressed at all.
  6. Rush3d

    Days Gone - World Video Series: Fighting To Survive (Updated Build)

    I think up until recently people has been pretty skeptic towards this game but, from the start I've been on board. I get this Assassin's Creed feeling from it. A game that might not be revolutionary or anything but perfectly fun to play regardless.
  7. Rush3d

    Dreams - New Gameplay - Campaign Introduction (1/3)

    I'm glad MM is taking the time to craft a campaign for the game but, in all honesty, what I'm excited about are the creation tools.
  8. Rush3d

    Crackdown 3 will launch in February 2019, more info to arrive at E3

    Five years since it was announced to the public. It's probably been in development longer than that.
  9. Rush3d

    Microsoft is hiring for a new team in California to build 'AAA' Xbox games

    By the time they release their first game the Xbox One platform will be irrelevant. They'll probably start develop for Microsoft's next console.
  10. Rush3d

    Recent examples of attention to detail in PS4 exclusive graphics

    Not an example from God of War but I got pretty impressed when I saw light glowing through Drake's ear. That's some attention to detail.
  11. Rush3d

    PLAYSTATION Hideo Kojima teases Death Stranding at E3 2018 with new screenshot

    There isn't much to say, it's just moss. I have the feeling that it might be the first frame of the E3 trailer but there's not a lot of information on that pic alone.
  12. Rush3d

    PS Vita physical game production to end in the Americas and Europe in 31st March 2019

    Well, the positive side is that from then on I'll start to actually clear my backlog and not making it grow anymore.
  13. Rush3d


    I don't know what they had in mind for the project itself but this is how they advertised a job offer for it. They didn't describe it as an "open world action rpg in a post apocalyptic setting" or anything like that, they just went by "similar to Horizon". To me, It shows lack of creativity and...
  14. Rush3d

    Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth re-release teaser trailer

    I still have my PSP physical copy. It's a must have for the system if you like RPGs.
  15. Rush3d

    Strategy Games for PS4

    Those aren't my type of games so I'm not exactly a conoisseur on the matter but, in any case, I don't think they'd make many of those types of games for the PS4. They'd rather make them for PC as they're easier to play with mouse & keyboard. The closest game I can think of would be Tropico 5 but...
  16. Rush3d


    Yes, having your only objective to be to try and mimic some other game isn't the best way to start a project.
  17. Rush3d


    Didn't we get the news some months back that Microsoft was hiring people to make a game literally "like Horizon: Zero dawn"? Link
  18. Rush3d

    Metal Gear Survive controversy thread (Did the game survive PSU? Read the review!)

    I don't think Konami cares about video games anymore. They knew from the announcement trailer of Survive that this game was dead on arrival and they didn't do anything to try and revert the situation. They instead implemented this bullsh*t MTXs to the game.
  19. Rush3d

    Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best remakes of all time

    Figuring out how to climb onto each colossus is the meat of the game! I guess it's hard to get on the right mindset with the first few colossus but once you do it'll feel very rewarding. My advice would be similar to Vyse's, it's all about observation. First use the sword to spot the weakspots...