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    Dissidia is one damn awesome game

    I kid you not, I bought it on release date and I have been playing it for 150 hours now. I mainly use Squall, Zidane, Frionel, Kefka and Emperor.
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    So I just won a Xbox 360 Elite...

    ...And I know pretty much nothing about it, so the first thing I did was create an XBL account and download the sexy DMC4 and Eternal Sonata demos(bear in mind that I don't have a PS3). Anyway, I don't have any games and I'm too broke to by any so instead I will waste my time here and ask a...
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    It's Lu Bu!

    And this time he's even more mentally scarring... And his wife seems to enjoy change as well >__> also.... Comments? thoughts? OMGWTFBQQLOL Japan? etc... All I can say is where the hell is Xiahou Dun...
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    The anime section doesn't belong to The Design Coner

    It should be moved to the General Chit Chat forum IMO.
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    Metal Gear Awesome 2 is awesome Not as catchy as part one but it's still pretty hilarious. Here's part one:
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    Only the first episode is out it's probably the most interesting show of this season. It's 6 episodes long with each episode being 45 minutes. It's basically like Higusrashi meets Noein meets *insert anime with immortal main character here* with lots of fanservice, blood and gore. Did I...
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    The ultimate guide for luring pedophiles.

    1.go to 2.go into the adult room(best results) 3.make a user name a good username for luring pedophiles must follow one of these characteristics: CoUlD bE tYpEd LiKe ThIs has gurl, sexy, girl, sweetie, cutie etc. has a number in it (your decoys age, year of decoys age) has...
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    Nomura interview with FFXIII and Versus info. *Update* full interview posted

    Many thanks to evil_maiki for translating this I like these two parts, Lightning sounds a lot like The Boss from MGS3 which is awesome and the Prince sounds like an anti-hero (Gutts,Alucard,etc) which is even more awesome _____________________________________________ Many thanks to Thorondir...
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    Anime characters alphabet game.

    Whe did this in the anime Council and it was pretty fun. I think it deserves it's own thread. Rules : You Must state what Anime they are from. There Name Obv, The Letter that we are upto, and 1 picture if you wish to post it (copypasta ftw) A - Alucard - Hellsing
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    Haruhiism: serious business and the original version: I seriously feel sorry for anyone who has to go to that prison And for those who don't know what Haruhiism is:
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    Shin Megami Tensei sig request 300 points + rep

    Description: The theme is Shin Megami Tensi Type: Signature Images: It has to include: -This image -The demonic looking guy from either this image or this image Guidelines: -Must also include my user name -The background has to be dark -+50 points if you can include include the SMT...
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    Out of the FFXIII & FFvXIII characters revealed so far which one is your favorite?

    Glasses guy> Beard Guy > Prince > Mr.33 > shotgun guy > Lightning >old man > Prince's rival > Lucy (redhead archer) IMO And I know that we barely know anything about them, I just wanted to know who's the most popular Lightning(pink hair), Mr.33 cms...
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    High Quality FFXIII scans with Nomura interview, Versus characters and more

    Scans and interview: Even more scans:
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    "Seeing your sister's underwear is no big deal... friend over here once saw his father in a bra" This anime seriously needs more love :[
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    FFXIII scans translation is up Opinions? theories? death threats? SE SUXOMGLOL? For people who are to lazy to click on the link byoushinn just wasted 10 minutes of his to type everything in the translation. Now be a good boy...
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    New scan showing FFXIII summons and FFvXIII allies. Ifrit looks badass and Carbuncle has a very Amano-esque look. And it looks like they changed the Princes hair color to black. As for the prince's allies, Organization XIII anyone?
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    Persona Trinity Soul

    This anime is a sequel to Persona 3 that takes place 10 after the ending, the characters and Personas are all original so far. I have seen the first episode and here is what I think about it The good: -good animations -Mitsuru look-alike -2nd school theme cameo -Igor is back -Ryo (main...
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    What manga does everyone read?

    I tried to come with an original title but I couldn't think of anything >__> The only mangas I follow are Fullmetal Alchemist, Persona 3 manga and Hellsing, I tried getting into Berserk and but it I gave up after the first bunch of chapters. I'm also reading Iono the Fanatics and My Balls.
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    Most badass anime character ever?

    I have to go with Alucard from Hellsing. And by Hellsing I mean the manga and the OVA not the mediocre anime
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    New Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep scans and trailer info

    Scans: Jump Feista trailer info: - Ven uses his key with his left hand. - Terra combat scenes - Ven with Alladin. - Scene where Donald is in his normal clothes, and Mickey is with Yensid with his clothes on from the secret...