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    Angry Man smashes PS4 to pieces @ Midnight launch A Microsoft Empl..err I mean some Douche bag smashes his PS4 to Pieces not long after getting it :P
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    NFL Star Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys WR) Buys 5 ppl their PS4's @ A Midnight launch Gotta say that was pretty Cool of him to do that.
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    Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Anyone got or Had one ??

    The reason I ask is because my G9X has stopped Working completely and Logitech are offering me a G600 as a warranty Replacement as the G9X series mouse has been Phased out ,so was wondering if they where any Good ?? Looking at the pics of it im not a fan of having multiple buttons on the Side...
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    July EU PS+ (BF3/ Saints Row III/Payday The Hiest/ etc

    looks like another Good Month for PS+ with Ninja Gaiden Sigma & Unit 13 for The VITA games Did MGS & God of War Collections ever make it to EU PS+ ??
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    Just became an Honoury member of the VITA Club

    just got one from Fleabay for 160 quid with 3 games (Uncharted/FIFA /F1 2011) & a 8GB mem card .as I dropped my PSP Go down the toilet when I got home from work last week grr & it wont come back on again so thought id grab a Vita for break times looks really good so far. plus I have a load of...
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    FINALLITY!!! Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition comes to the PC !!!!

    Been playing it lately on PS3 but hopefully it will look better on PC & some good Mods.
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    '24' will 'Live Another Day' in 2014, Fox confirms ugh!! Why ?? just let him stay retired!!
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    Bank Interest @ 0% ?

    So I just went to collect interest on my Points but now it says the interest is at %0 ??
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    Micron’s 320GB/sec Hybrid Memory Cube comes to market in 2013, !! nice to see RAM tech move forward again!!!
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    PC is lead platform for Watch Dogs reveals Ubisoft boss

    Nice hopefully this happens more often with Multi-Plats next Gen
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    Get $10 Back For Every $50 You Spend on PSN
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    Omerta : City Of Gangsters

    Anyone looking on Picking this up on Steam ?? it releases in an hour my brother keeps going on at me to get it but id rather wait for some real gamer reviews before I get it
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    PS+ Dec GOTM( Batman Arkham City)

    Arkham City is Decembers GoTM im gutted cause I already have it, but for those who haven't played it it's fucking Brilliant and another good reason to pick up a PS+ Sub. only have a Facebook link & youtube link for Confirmation
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    Larry Hagman aka( JR Ewing ) Dead ,Cancer 81 R.I.P

    One of TV's best ever Villans has lost his battle with Cancer aged 81 RIP Larry
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    STAR WARS EPISODE VII (2015)!!!! ....Oh & Disney buys Lucas Film

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! didn't expect another Star Wars o.O :P
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    (Stupid Question) PS+ renewal

    ok Guys so I decided to take Advantage of the 25% off the yearly Sub even though my Sub didn't run out till November but on my Games they Still show as Expiring on November is that Normal or has something Gone wrong with my 1 year Extension ??
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    RAIDERS Sig/Avy request 3000sp

    So im after a new Sig/Avy and I want a Raiders design ( yea I went there :P) The Avy can just be the Logo but I want this to be my Sig and have the RAIDERS sign in Bold Silver if you can do it
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    EVGA Giving (Steam) Games away on Facebook

    I just got Metro 2033 from Them but you Have to be Quick as the Codes go real Fast
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    **** Man Of Steel Trailer**** Not much Given away in the Trailer ,but Hope to god it's actually good this Time.
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    Robocop Remake Omnicorp Product Line Viral Trailer

    Really hope they make it ultra violent like the 1st Movie